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Gates of Antares: Weitere Neuheiten

Warlord Games bieten Neuheiten für Ghar und Boromites.

Warlord Boromite Rock Brood 01 Warlord Boromite Rock Brood 02 Warlord Boromite Rock Brood 03 Warlord Boromite Rock Brood 04

Lavamites or ‘rock dogs’ are six-legged creatures whose outer shells are formed of thick, silicate plates. They are used in Boromite mining operations to explore for minerals. However, by feeding hatchlings upon especially digestible rocks it is possible to augment their abilities somewhat.

These fine examples of their kind are known as Rock Brood. Boromite handlers take great pride in such creatures, competing to produce beasts of prodigious size, different colours, and endearing temperament. Rock brood are also faster than the usual kind of beast and sometimes handlers resort to riding a suspensor platform to keep up!

Boromite Rock Brood – 10,00 GBP

Warlord Ghar Rebel Battlesuit Add On Pack 01 Warlord Ghar Rebel Battlesuit Add On Pack 02

It’s time to individualise your battlesuits and truly embody your cause. Use this add-on pack to make your battlesuits unique!

This kit contains:

  • Four Heads
  • Four Equipment Pieces

Ghar Rebel battlesuit add-on pack – 6,00 GBP

Warlord Fartoks Black Guard Leader With Mag Gun 01 Warlord Fartoks Black Guard Leader With Mag Gun 02 Warlord Fartoks Black Guard Leader With Mag Gun 03 Warlord Fartoks Black Guard Leader With Mag Gun 04

The core of Fartok’s rebel army is the Black Guard comprising the most experienced and loyal of his fighters.

This is mostly made up of veterans of Fartok’s Battlegroup Nine, although as the rebellion has gathered pace the Black Guard has grown with the addition of many other seasoned warriors freed by the rebel army.

Fartok’s Black Guard leader with mag gun – 3,50 GBP

Quelle: Warlord Games


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