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GameCraft Miniatures: Tudor House Ruined

GameCraft Miniatures haben ein neues Geländestück in ihrem Shop.

GameCraft Miniatures Tudor House Ruined 01 GameCraft Miniatures Tudor House Ruined 02 GameCraft Miniatures Tudor House Ruined 03 GameCraft Miniatures Tudor House Ruined 04 GameCraft Miniatures Tudor House Ruined 05

Model designed by Gary Robertson in the UK.

Model features removable roof making the model very easy to get troops inside and back out again.

Model measures aprox 4″ x 5″ x 4″ tall (101mm x 127mm x 101mm tall)

Assembly instruction sheet is at www.gcminidocs.com

Kit is made from laser cut MDF. Having the half timber details as separate parts makes assembly and finishing very simple, just build the main MDF structure and paint it your choice of color (no need to even fill the seams, the half timber details will hide them) and then glue on the half timber pieces (painted or not). You can have a fantastic looking building in minutes.

Preis: 17.00 $

Es gibt auch noch neue Preview Bilder.

GameCraft Miniatures Tudor House Ruined 06 GameCraft Miniatures Tudor House Ruined 10 GameCraft Miniatures Tudor House Ruined 09 GameCraft Miniatures Tudor House Ruined 08 GameCraft Miniatures Tudor House Ruined 07

Creating a new kit … it’s a whole process. But this is the point where it all starts to come together,,, literally. Here is a new kit that is being mocked up with masking tape to check out the fit of all the parts. Several parts needed minor adjustments in the drawing file and then were remade and rechecked … as of tonight, this kit has passed the Design QC Check and is ready for assembly and photographs … it should be online tomorrow or the next day.
28mm European Style Corner Building.


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  • Ist mir leider etwas grobschlächtig – der Preis ist ok – dennoch finde ich die Modelle von 4Ground liebevoller gestaltet (und das für ein paar Euro mehr).

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