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DGS Games: Preview für Juli

Von DGS Games gab es zuletzt gleich mehrere Previews.

2018 Models

Before we get to 2019, however, we have a lot of great models to make for you in 2018. Between now and the fall we will be releasing…

War Spider. A giant spider on a 50mm base for your Beast Hunt, Nest, Lair and Into the Ruins games.

DGS Dgsgames Warspider

Haradelan Knight of Vasilar. The hardest hitting model in the game hits the shelves. Comes with parts to be built as a hero or leader version.

DGS Dgsgames Preview Juli 1

Falkaaran Knight Mariner. When the Falkaaran Navy chases down a pirate, these knights do the enforcing. The Knight Mariner comes with a head swap to create a Bandit Sea Blade, a Knight Mariner who has decided the other side of the law might be more fun.

DGS Dgsgames Preview Juli 2

Wandering Wizard. An ally caster of Earth Magic. Wall of Stone anyone?

DGS Dgsgames Preview Juli 3

Urdaggar Stag Warrior. A dangerous fighter, but also with mystic power to heal herself or others.

DGS Dgsgames Preview Juli 4

Mershael Corsairs

And if all that coolness were not enough, Black Friday will see the release of a brand new faction: The Mershael Corsairs.

The Mershael bring a number of new features into the game system:  Hakanite armor, the Tennko bow, the Taumari great sword and the Agile Charge, Ancestral Mentor and Prepare talents to name a few.

You can read about the faction here:


And here is their concept art:

DGS Dgsgames Preview Juli 5 DGS Dgsgames Preview Juli 6 DGS Dgsgames Preview Juli 7 DGS Dgsgames Preview Juli 8 DGS Dgsgames Preview Juli 9 DGS Dgsgames Preview Juli 11

Quester Program

Players who act as our ambassadors are known as Questers. Questers organize and run Freeblades events and give demos to bring new players into the game. Questers receive a t-shirt, discounts on our products and prize support for their events. Think this is for you? Contact Matt at dmatthewgooch@gmail.com.

Tomb of Achshad

Our very own Matt Gooch has developed a three-game mini campaign to help you and your game group get into the joys of Freeblades campaigning. This campaign has been provided to our Questers, but isn’t limited to them. If this is something you might be interested in, contact Matt at dmatthewgooch@gmail.com.


Gavahol, or ‘high sun’ is the summer solstice in Faelon. This year we celebrate Gavahol by providing you with articles and background stories on Faelon for the ten days of Gavahol, 12-21 June 2018. Look to our Freeblades Players facebook group for this celebration.

Gen Con

DGS Games will be at Gen Con 2018 (2-5 August 2018) in force! We are bringing the largest team ever and putting on more events than ever. Our initial Friday and Saturday events sold out, so we opened two more and as of this writing (end of May) tickets were still available for Freeblades games at 4pm on Friday and Saturday and 1pm and 4pm on Thursday. Models will be provided for these games and rules will be taught but if you find yourself at a table with other experiences Freebladers, the game team has the option of putting on a more advanced scenario for you. You or your friends can always get a demo in the booth and if we have no-shows for floor games, we will take generic tickets. Come see us at Booth 1945!

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