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Deadzone: Starfall Online-Kampagne beginnt

Die diesjährige Sommerkampagne von Mantic Games hat begonnen.

Nach der Kings of War Kampagne des vergangenen Jahres, geht es diesmal in den Weltraum.

MG Mantic Deadzone Starfall 1

The storm clouds broke. Kleiner was the only one to look up and notice they were being caused by atmospheric displacement as a large ship descended. For a moment he felt relief that the fleet in orbit was providing support – until he saw the vessel. It was too bulbous and smooth in design and GCPS ships generally didn’t sport tentacles. Kleiner reloaded the cartridge in his pistol and readied himself – these were new arrivals to Starfall.

A few hours later a GCPS Recon Cruiser patrolling the Mariana Curtain received an encrypted distress relay…

Tx ID: 404K-GCPS-XH8-211

Veer-myn infestation engaged.
Planet conditions extremely volatile.
Unknown vessels sighted.

Further hostiles encountered.
Request immediate suppo…






MG Mantic Deadzone Starfall 3 MG Mantic Deadzone Starfall 4 MG Mantic Deadzone Starfall 5

Battle for Starfall is the first ever online campaign for Mantic’s hugely popular sci-fi skirmish game, Deadzone! Over the course of the next few weeks, gamers from around the world will have the opportunity to fight it out to see what faction will claim the planet.

At the end of the campaign, the Deadzone universe will be changed depending upon the results. Factions could get new weapons, new units or even new leaders. What’s more, the timeline of Deadzone will be moved on following the campaign and we’ll release new short stories based on what happens in YOUR games.

Each Monday a new location and scenario will be revealed. There will be a short introduction to each scenario and any new rules will be introduced too. So, make sure you keep checking back each week to see how things are progressing.

MG Mantic Deadzone Starfall 6 MG Mantic Deadzone Starfall 7 MG Mantic Deadzone Starfall 8 MG Mantic Deadzone Starfall 9

So you’ve read the campaign intro, been debriefed on the situation and ready to deploy to Starfall and claim it for your own?
Great! Now let’s tell you how to do it.

We wanted the campaign to be as open and easy as possible for players, both new and old, to be able get involved. The most important thing is to play some games of Deadzone!

The choice is yours, you can simply follow the campaign story, play some games and submit your results to see the impact they have for your faction and at each location.

You can get more involved and take part in the hobby section of the campaign, uploading written battle reports or your Deadzone modelling and painting projects.
Or you can just do it all… there really are multiple ways to participate.

And as long as you’re participating, there’s a chance to win a weekly prize that we talk more about over at the Hobby Awards page.

MG Mantic Deadzone Starfall 10 MG Mantic Deadzone Starfall 11 MG Mantic Deadzone Starfall 12

To take part in the online campaign and get your results uploaded to determine the fate of Starfall you will need ONE (yes only ONE) person to be able to login and access the Submit Game Result option here on the site.

As long as there is at least one dedicated “Campaign Data Runner” in your gaming group, then you can all learn about the campaign story and special rules from the pages on this website, and your nominated Data Runner can collect and upload all your results.

If more of you want to create an account and get further involved, jump on in!


In terms of playing the game you’ll need these gaming essentials:

  • Deadzone 2nd Edition Rulebook
  • Deadzone Outbreak Supplement
  • Deadzone Strike Team
  • Deadzone „cube“ battle mat or board
  • A 3’x3′ surface and players to fight with!

Die Kampagne ist in mehrere Kapitel unterteilt und wird sich mindestens in bestimmten Bereichen auf die weitere Entwicklung des Warpath-Universums auswirken (wie auch schon bei Kings of War).

Die Spieler können ihre Spiele online eintragen und so an der Kampagne teilnehmen.

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  • Wenn ich mir das Bild mit den 3 Crew-Mitgliedern ansehe,könnte ich heulen… die sehen sowas von gut aus gegen meine Ergebnisse…

    Die Kampagne zur Einführung der Nameles klingt intressant, allerdings wirkt – auf mich – das auftauchen aller Fraktionen ein wenig übervoll… da kommt es sicher auf die Timeline des Auftauchens der jeweiligen Fraktion an…

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