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Crooked Dice: 7TV Apocalypse Kickstarter

Der Kickstarter für die neue 7TV Erweiterung „7TV:Apocalypse“ ist online.

Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS

Das Projekt:


We hope to fund a brand new 7TV boxed set – 7TV:Apocalypse – to expand our cinematic skirmish rules into the post-apocalyptic (PA) genre. This is supported with over a hundred 28mm miniatures.

Crooked Dice already publish 7TV – wargaming in the world of cult tv. These fun and flexible skirmish rules allow you to recreate any type of cinematic action on the tabletop. For the past eighteen months, we have been working on expanding 7TV into other settings – and the first is the wide-ranging post-apocalyptic genre!


As the scope of 7TV:Apocalyspe is so broad, miniatures are not included in the boxed set. However, we are supporting the campaign with over one hundred 28mm post-apocalyptic miniatures. 

These have been brought to life by the sculpting talents of Ernst Veingart, Andrew May, Iain Colwell, Jens Beckmann, Shane Hoyle, Mark Evans, Pedro Navarro, George Fairlamb, Paul Smith, Ian Mountain, Giacomo Pantalone, Kev White, Paolo Fabiani, Phil Page, John Pickford and Steve McGuire.

Painting for display models is from the beautiful brushwork of Simon Bradley, Andrew Taylor, Mystic Spirals, Mik Hollands and Jon Atter.

All miniatures are supplied unpainted.

Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS2 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS3 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS4

7TV: Apocalypse is a standalone ruleset that uses the existing 7TV skirmish system. This boxed set includes new post-apocalyptic themed profile cards, gear and mutation decks and newly designed status tokens. The box also includes brand new vehicle combat rules to allow you to battle across the wasteland in your souped-up wrecks!

So pick your apocalypse…

The rules allow play in ANY genre of apocalyptic setting you wish.

  • You can chase your enemies across a desert with giant ants from the atomic age.
  • Or try to outrun mohican-sporting marauders for the last drops of guzzoline.
  • Or maybe you want to face the zombie hordes in any number of undead holocausts from the black and white classics to the modern award-winning franchises they have spawned?
  • You can fight for the very souls of mankind as angels or demons on Judgement Day.
  • Or escape a bio-engineered nemesis in a virus-ravaged city.
  • Perhaps you have imagined some future dystopia ruled by the machines, simians or alien overlords – and want to break the chains of their oppressive regime?

All this and more is possible with 7TV:Apocalypse, providing hours of play across many genres.

Das Spiel:

7TV: Apocalypse uses the same core rules as 7TV, but this set is standalone, so you don’t need core 7TV to be able to play.


You can build a cast and battle against your enemies across toxic wastelands, abandoned cities and dystopian futurescapes – in fact anywhere you like!

There are over 120 post-apocalyptic themed profile cards to pick from – survivors, mutants, drivers, cultists, killer cyborgs, angels and demons, alien invaders and giant radioactive monsters!

The rules are setting (and miniature) agnostic – with profiles inspired by classic archetypes from the small and silver screen. So if you have favourite models you have never been able to play with, or simply wanted to recreate your favourite movie or tv show on the tabletop – well then this is the game for you!

Use your star qualities, special effects, gear and mutations to get your mission accomplished before the countdown ends and the episode is over. You can find out more and download a FREE copy of the core 7TV rules here.


No post-apocalyptic game would be complete without the opportunity to race and clash against rival gangs across the wastelands!

So 7TV:Apocalypse also includes a new vehicle combat system allowing players to include specialist drivers and bikes, buggies, racers, trucks and big rig vehicles into their casts.

Vehicles can be upgraded with over 36 different ‚mods‘ – to try and give you the edge over your opponents. So add super-wide wheels, a hood ornament or rockets to your rust buckets and get set for a white line nightmare!

Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS5 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS6Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS7

1. Wähle den Pledge:

Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS8a Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS8b Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS9


2. Cast-Wahl:

Any item marked with a CAST CHOICE sticker may be chosen as one of your cast choices for DEAD SET (2 choices), END OF DAYS (5 choices) or WASTELAND (10 choices) backers.

There are ten initial casts to choose from and there are several stretch goals to unlock more choices.

You can add additional casts to your pledge by increasing your pledge by £20 OR by choosing a higher pledge level to give yourself more choice options.

Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS10 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS11 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS12 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS13 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS14 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS15 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS16 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS17 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS18 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS19

3. Stretch Goals:

There are loads more stretch goals throughout the campaign. These will unlock more miniatures, vehicles and terrain. There are a mix of FREE rewards and PAID ADD-ONS and even more CAST CHOICES too.

If you have pledged for ALL-IN or TICKET TO RIDE all the rewards below are added automatically added to your pledge.

Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS20 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS21 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS22 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS23 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS24 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS25 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS26 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS27 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS28 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS29 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS30 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS31 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS32 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS33 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS34 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS35 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS36 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS37 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS38

4. Add-Ons:

Extra rewards can be purchased by all backers and further paid add-ons may be unlocked throughout the campaign. If you have pledged for ALL-IN or TICKET TO RIDE all the rewards below are added automatically added to your pledge.

Any CASTS unlocked can be included as a cast choice in Dead Set, End of Days and Wasteland pledges as well as purchased separately.

Just increase your pledge to cover your pledge level and the value of your add-ons and select your options once the Kickstarter ends when we send out the Pledge Manager details.

Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS39 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS40 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS41 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS42 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS43 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS44 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS45 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS46 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS47 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS48 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS49 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS50 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS51 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS52 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS53 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS54 Crooked Dice 7TV Apo KS55


Ziel: 10.000 GBP

Stand: 29.000+ GBP

Backer: 294+

Ende: 6. November 2018 22:00 CET

Link: 7TV Apocalypse Kickstarter


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