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Cartoon Miniatures/ScaleBro: „True History“ Produktlinie

Cartoon Miniatures haben auf Facebook das erste Modell einer neuen Produktlinie „True History“ gezeigt.

Cartoon TH ALongJournesHome Prev01 Cartoon TH ALongJournesHome Prev02 Cartoon TH ALongJournesHome Prev03 Cartoon TH ALongJournesHome Prev04 Cartoon TH ALongJournesHome Prev05 Cartoon TH ALongJournesHome Prev06

Our new brand „True History“ begins with a beautiful composition „Long journey home“.

Ok, aber warum steht da auf den Bildern überall ScaleBro? Dazu gab es folgenden Eintrag auf Facebook, der allerdings alles in allem nicht ganz schlüssig ist.

For a long time did not say thank you, now there is an occasion. We would like to thanks all those who are with us and who support our work. We appreciate every single like and every purchase!)
Our goal is to do more for our people, more interesting and diverse products, because we can not otherwise;).
So we move on: The historical miniatures, Fantasy, Busts, Board games and Cartoon characters. All these directions will be under the brand ScaleBro! We have something to do for each of them, and we hope you will like what we do.

Quelle: Cartoon Miniatures auf Facebook



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