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Bushido: Wave 39 Render Previews

Für die kommende Wave 39 zu Bushido von GCT Studios gibt es zwei neue Render zu sehen, den animalischen Kosuke des Tempel von Ro-Kan und den Gladiator Giichi des Silbermond Syndikates.

GCT Studios Bushido Kosuke Temple Of Ro Kan

Kosuke – Temple of Ro-Kan

Kosuke hails from the mainland of the Empire. He fights with all four limbs, strength and skill are indistinguishable between arms and legs, hands and feet. He comes in aid of his fellow monks of the Ro-Kan and the prowess he shows on the battlefield will be well received by those he fights alongside. However his presence has caused disquiet amongst the Masters of the Ro-Kan. What message does Kosuke’s presence herald?

GCT Studios Bushido Giichi Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Giichi – Silvermoon Trade Syndicate

Giichi uses a unique fighting style and flail-like weapon. Forged in the fighting pits of Jima he has learned what it takes to survive. He is a bane to Samurai that fight in well-rehearsed routines, he does not follow the rules they have come to expect and his attacks are difficult to anticipate. Giichi understood early on that he would never compete with the Buto in the ring, he did however learn what he could and has impressive Jumo skills.

Quelle: GCT Studios


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