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Bushido: Minimoto Pre-Order

Ein neuer Clan wirft sich in den Kampf.

GCT Bushido Minimoto Pre Order 1

Minimoto Clan Starter Set – £29.95

The Minimoto clan are as stoic and unyielding as the Iron Mountains they call home. Unparalleled masters of metal craft and the arts of metallurgy and mining. The great mountain not only provides the clan’s wealth but also its protection. This great clan, whose loyalty was once unquestioned by the Takashis, has grown distant of late. Rumours spread of the Old Bear rousing from too many long winters, slumbering in his mountain halls, and he is hungry. So long on the fringes of the ‘civilised’ world have left the Bear clan without the need or taste for the frivolities of court, ‘The Bear does not dance’, but it does fight, and would that be against the shadows, Dragon, Eagle or Snake it pays no mind, for with Tetsubo in hand there are few that can oppose its fury.

GCT Bushido Minimoto Pre Order 2

Jyoto Ashigaru – £12.95

All Jyoto Ashigaru are heavily armoured, each suit individually tailored to the particular soldier. They carry heavy metal Tetsubo which most men need two hands to use (Though some of the Minimoto effortlessly swing them with one hand or indeed, wield two of them!) with which they are trained relentlessly to build up their strength. They form the bulk of the Minimoto forces and each started their life in the army as an unblessed, proving themselves before joining the ranks of the Jyoto Ashigaru.

GCT Bushido Minimoto Pre Order 3

Hisoka – £8.95

Hisoka is undoubtedly and completely mad. He spends much time alone in the mountains and how he survives is a mystery, when he does venture to the lower climbs his bare chest makes even the hardiest of Minimoto shiver. He does however fight for what he believes in and his knowledge of the land and surviving the wilderness is very useful to the Minimoto, whilst his resilience and hardiness leaves the peasants of the Ro-Kan in awe.

GCT Bushido Minimoto Pre Order 4

Minimoto Clan Special Card Pack – £5.95

Special cards are an interesting and flexible way to create a very focussed, individual and distinct Warband for your favourite faction. There are four types of Special Cards and each work slightly differently but each in their own way will enable you to customise your Warbands to fit the play style or theme you want. These packs contain an assortment of Enhancement, Event, Terrain and Theme Special cards that range from martial techniques to ancient shrines, acts of amazing heroism to soul draining terror. Each pack contains thematically fitting cards to adhere to the faction’s strengths, weaknesses and in game feel.

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  • Kann mal einer was zu dem System sagen?

    Lese immer nur Sachen wie Wave 45585 kommt.

    Sind die minis so gut oder das Spiel? Ist das ein skirmisher?

    • Ist mMn eines der besten Skrimish – Systeme mit sowohl guten Regeln als auch tollen Miniaturen. Gespielt wird auf 60x60cm mit ca. 5-10 Figuren pro Spieler, je nach Fraktion.
      Regelbuch gibt es auf der Homepage von GCT kostenlos zum Download und auf Youtube findet man zB auch einige BattleReports um einen 1.Eindruck vom System zu bekommen.
      Reinschnuppern lohnt sich 😉

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