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Bold Miniatures: Joshua Kickstarter

Bold Miniatures haben ihren ersten Kickstarter gestartet.

BM Bold#1 Joshua 1

Welcome to Bold Miniatures‘ first Kickstarter, we’re unveiling our first miniature ever: Joshua; a cold blooded hitman jam packed with awesome detail.

Joshua is an exclusive 300 copy limited and numbered edition miniature in 75mm scale, casted in high quality resin. He is based on a great concept called „The Mercenary“ by the extremely talented Elisa Day a.k.a. Katherine Zhuk.

BM Bold#1 Joshua 2 BM Bold#1 Joshua 3 BM Bold#1 Joshua 4

James W. Cain is the master sculptor behind the great interpretation of the concept. His work retains all the toughness of the original, while also adding an insane amount of details that makes this miniature both good looking and fun to paint.

The master has been printed on the best printer available in the market and will be produced by CMA Creative Solutions, which is a very well established company in the business, with more than 30 years of experience making miniatures. Here are some pictures of a few casts done before the campaign to check mould and production quality. This is the final sculpt in high quality resin, put together without any gap filling. The pieces fit really well.

BM Bold#1 Joshua 5 BM Bold#1 Joshua 6

While being sculpted in 75mm scale, he is actually 90mm, 95mm including the base (or 7 Oreo tall, depending on how you like measuring things), making him 2.1m tall in real life scale. Joshua comes unassembled, unpainted and divided in 8 pieces. The resin used for its production is a bit flexible to make sure that pieces don’t snap during shipping. We worked very hard to maintain the number of pieces as low as possible while making the main piece as big as possible.

BM Bold#1 Joshua 7

Das sind die Pledges:

BM Bold#1 Joshua 8 BM Bold#1 Joshua 9

As stated before this miniature is a limited, numbered edition of 300 copies. Eight of them have been reserved for box art and promotion purposes and the rest can be acquired through this campaign at a reduced rate. There are three pledge levels (550 SEK Early Bird / 600 SEK 1x Joshua / 1100 SEK 2x Joshua) as shown below with the estimated cost in € , the exact exchange rate is the one on the day the Campaign closes. The future retail price will be 650 SEK (roughly 63€) unless all copies are sold already.

Die Kampagne läuft noch 26 Tage und ist bereits finanziert.

Quelle: Bold#1 Joshua


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  • Die ersten bemalten Versionen sehen wirklich gut aus! Bin gespannt auf welche anderen Ideen die Leute noch kommen 🙂

    Ich werde bei meinem Joshua definitiv in die dunklere Farbschublade greifen

  • Sieht schon gut aus. Nur so richtig laut rufen „bemal mich“ tut er dann irgendwie doch nicht.
    Ich glaube ich wieder stehe ☺

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