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Battle Ravens: Kickstarter endet

Der Kickstarter zum Wikinger-Brettspiel von Plastic Soldier Company endet bald.

As the shieldwalls clash, ravens fly overhead and lurk where the gory carnage is at its greatest. Command your Warriors, place your Ravens to create their carrion, dice for the luck of the Gods, and break your opponent’s shieldwall before your own army loses heart and flees. Victory shall belong to the most cunning warlord, whose name shall be written into the Sagas.

PSC Battle Ravens Kickstarter 1 PSC Battle Ravens Kickstarter 9

Battle Ravens is a game of Viking Age warfare: a brutal clash of strength, cunning and luck, where subtlety and nuance are neither welcome nor commonplace. You need to out-think and out-fight your opponent to win the battle. You do so by choosing whether to command your battle line to attack, defend, or redeploy through clever use of action points. Combat is resolved by the roll of dice, and armies consist of Hirdmen (armoured warriors), Bondi (unarmoured warriors), and Thralls (cowardly but useful skirmishers).

The Battle Ravens core game features Anglo-Saxon and Norse armies. Each army has its own artwork!  We’re offering additional armies as optional buys (Norman, Scottish and Welsh armies), and Tactics Cards as stretch goals (these add extra flavour to the army you’re playing).

As a thank you for supporting our Kickstarter campaign each pledge level includes a FREE Scottish Army (MSRP GBP £10.66)!

PSC Battle Ravens Kickstarter 2 PSC Battle Ravens Kickstarter 3

Battle Ravens is designed by the twice Origins Award-nominated tabletop wargaming writer Daniel Mersey (whose miniatures rules include Dux Bellorum, Lion Rampant, Dragon Rampant, and The Men Who Would Be Kings). And we are delighted to announce that the playing pieces are all illustrated by well-known and popular historical artist Peter Dennis, based on his ‚Paper Boys‘ concept (presented here on quality cardstock with plastic stands).

PSC Battle Ravens Kickstarter 4


  • 1 x rulebook 
  • 1 x game board
  • 2 x Anglo-Saxon army punchboards 
  • 2 x Norse army punchboards 
  • 9 x dice
  • 78 x plastic stands
  • 20 x Tactics Cards

And our optional-buy army bags each include:

  • 2 x army punchboards (Norman, Welsh, or Scottish)
  • 1 x information sheet
  • 10 x Tactics Cards

As a Kickstarter Exclusive, we are also offering additional Anglo-Saxon and Norse armies as optional buys.

Videos gibt es auch:

Etwas mehr zum Spiel:

PSC Battle Ravens Kickstarter 10

Battle Ravens is pretty simple to play!

PSC Battle Ravens Kickstarter 5

Place your ravens…

PSC Battle Ravens Kickstarter 6

Then spend ravens to attack – roll the dice…

PSC Battle Ravens Kickstarter 7

And remove any warriors who did not successfully block hits.

Und das sind die Stretch Goals:


As the amount of funds pledged rises, we’ll unlock the following stretch goals:

Stretch goal 1: TACTICS CARDS – UNLOCKED! 

We’ll upgrade each army to include its own set of 10 Tactics Cards!

PSC Battle Ravens Kickstarter 11

By using Tactics Cards, a Norse army becomes an all-out battering ram and an Anglo-Saxon army forms a solid line that’s hard to break down. The Normans increase their mobility across the battlefield, and Welsh and Scottish armies emphasise skirmishing tactics and aggression.

Stretch goal 2: MOUNTED BOARD @ GBP £6,500 – UNLOCKED!

We’ll upgrade the core game’s board from heavyweight card to a mounted board!

PSC Battle Ravens Kickstarter 12

Stretch goal 3: EXTRA DICE @ GBP £7,000 – UNLOCKED!

We’ll increase the number of dice in the core game from 5 to 9 (the most dice you ever need to roll is 9).

Stretch goal 4: OPTIONAL RULES @ GBP £7,500 – UNLOCKED!

We’ll add the designer’s set of optional rules to our Scottish, Welsh and Norman army bags, giving further ways to enhance your games. All Kickstarter backers will receive these as each pledge level includes a Scottish Army!

Stretch goal 5: ADDITIONAL PLASTIC STANDS @ GBP £8,000

As a Kickstarter Freebie we’ll give you a set of 39 plastic stands to use with a third army. If this stretch goal unlocks, we’ll also make them available as an optional buy if you want to equip all of your armies with their own stands.

Stretch goal 6: PRINTED INLAY @ GBP £8,750

We’ll pretty up the core game’s box with a printed inlay featuring Peter Dennis’s superb box art.

Stretch goal 7: EXTRA RULEBOOK @ GBP £9,500

As a Kickstarter Exclusive, we will give you an additional copy of the rulebook – so there’s one for each player.

Stretch goal 8: CUSTOM DICE @ GBP £11,000

We love custom dice! So as a Kickstarter Exclusive we will give you a set of 9 Battle Ravens custom dice – the most you’ll need to roll at any one time.

Stretch goal 9: Watch this space…!

Die Kampagne endet in wenigen Tagen.

Quelle: Daniel Mersey’s Battle Ravens: The Shieldwall Board Game


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  • Keine Ahnung ob da ein Zusammenhang besteht, aber gefühlt ist der Output an Plastiksachen zurück gegangen, seit PSC vermehrt auf Brettspiele setzt… Schade, ich liebe deren 1/72 und 15mm Sets und würde gerne mehr sehen. Und Battlegroup Northag

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