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Wyrd: Malifaux und The Other Side Previews

Wyrd Miniatures haben mittlerweile wieder eine Reihe neuer Previews für „Malifaux“ und „The Other Side“ gezeigt.

Wyrd Charles Edmonton

Charles Edmonton – The Other Side – 30. Juni 2017

Charles Edmonton is one of the most decorated officers in the King’s Empire. After serving a stint with the Dragoons, Edmonton went on to serve for a time in the Royal Rifle Corps. Years of distinction lead to his continued promotion, which in turn resulted in his position as a Captain today.

Edmonton is known for both his unquestioned integrity and for never backing down from a fight. He’s a career soldier, and serving in his Majesty’s army is the only thing he ever wanted to do with his life.

He is particularly renowned for his accuracy. This served him well in the Rifle Corps, where he caught the eye of an up-and-coming British firearms manufacturer. They outfitted him with a prototype SMLE Mk III Sniper Rifle, a weapon of incredible range and power (and bulk).

In the Battle of London, Edmonton was a key player; if not for his efforts, countless civilians would have perished, and the Hordes would have claimed even more of the city as their own.

On the tabletop, Edmonton focuses on Missile actions. His Volley Fire, On My Mark! allows a single nearby Fireteam to become Inspired and take a Missile action, which, when coupled with his Sniper Rifle, allows Edmonton to put out a lot of damage on his Activation.

Getting the most out of Edmonton is all about choosing your targets wisely. His gun is only Strength 2, but the Piercing rule helps it cut through enemy Armor with ease. He works best when firing into engagements (to assist his Company’s Fireteams) or at enemy Champions and Adjuncts, where he can take advantage of the Accurate rule.

Getting Charles Edmonton to flip to Glory isn’t too difficult, and once there, he gains a new Morale Action that lets him move a significant distance and potentially take a shot afterward. Coupled with the King’s Empire’s ability to get the Rush Order and still take a Missile Action, Edmonton can threaten foes almost anywhere on the table.

Wyrd Cyclops

Cyclops – Malifaux – 3. Juli 2017

Today we are taking a look at the Cyclops, an upcoming model from the Neverborn faction.  Of course we also have an inside look at the art as you have come to expect!

Wyrd Adeodatos FridayPreview 7.7.2017

Adeodatos – The Other Side – 7. Juli 2017

Adeodatos is the first follower of the Burning Man, and perhaps the one who channels his energies with the most clarity. Born as Ephraim Wade, he had a vision of the future – a future of fire.

Ephraim spent some time preaching his strange prophecies to the people of London, and as his foretellings grew in significance, he drew the attention of the King’s Empire.

The Empire government arrested Ephraim and turned him over to its Extraordinary Cases Bureau, but that did nothing to dull the fire that was within him. As the Burning Man appeared over London, the Extraordinary Cases Bureau realized that Ephraim’s prophecies had come true and released him from his cell. As soon as he stepped outside and into the glow of the Burning Man’s light, the transformation wracked Ephraim’s body. He shed his previous existence and became Adeodatos.

Adeodatos is now the chief cleric of the Cult of the Burning Man. His control over the magical energies that pour through him is immense, and his mastery over dimensional rifts is unparalleled. This has made him a figure of awe and reverence among the Cult.

On the table, Adeodatos takes full advantage of the Cult’s Portal Markers. If Adeodatos is in play, the Company gains an additional Portal Marker at the start of the game.

While this is a great way to cover more of the table with Portals, it also serves as an extra location from which Adeodatos can unleash magical ruin upon his enemies. This is heightened even further in Glory; the Devouring Vortex Action can wreak havoc on anyone that dares to approach one of the Cult’s Portals.

Adeodatos is definitely a backfield Commander who prefers to use Magical ranged attacks and Portal manipulation to deal damage and support the Cult’s forces. Finding the right balance between support and offense can be tricky, but doing so will turn Adeodatos into a true terror on the battlefield.

Wyrd Killed The Cat 02

Curiosity Killed the Cat nightmare edition – Malifaux – 10. Juli 2017

The Curiosity Killed the Cat nightmare edition is an alternate Hamelin box set and will be available for sale at GenCon.

Wyrd Unathi

Prince Unathi Zerezghi – The Other Side – 14. Juli 2017

Prince Unathi Zerezghi is the next in line for the Abyssinian dynasty. Like all Abyssinian rulers, he sees leadership as a privilege that must be earned. The undercurrent of growing conflict in the world led him to join the Abyssinian armed services, and, given the outbreak of global war, it seems he made a wise choice.

Prince Unathi is a calculating commander, and he believes strongly in the ability of Abyssinian technology to overcome any obstacle. He puts this to test on the battlefield by asking those under his command to run field tests on various pieces of experimental equipment that might better help the Abyssinian forces as a whole.

Unathi has a deep love for the people of Abyssinia, and he is willing to make nearly any sacrifice for their betterment. Nowhere is this more obvious than the use of his powerful rocket launcher, which has been outfitted with poison canisters. The Prince’s concern for his enemies is almost nonexistent, and he is acutely aware of how many Abyssinian lives his poison gas has saved.

On the tabletop, Prince Unathi is a generalist. He has a potent Missile attack and two strong Morale support actions that ensure he can apply force where needed.

Unlike the Lord of Steel, Prince Unathi can begin to lose effectiveness as your forces are depleted. His Call for Reinforcement Action helps to offset this by allowing easy replenishment of any lost Fireteams.

Effectively taking advantage of the Field Test Action can set up a lot of beneficial situations for Unathi. Prototype Actions are often quite potent, but they require you to discard a card. By using Unathi’s Field Test to take those Actions, you can draw a card afterward. This allows for efficient card cycling, as low cards can be discarded in the hopes of drawing better cards.

Prince Unathi is an all-around solid soldier, only lacking in Melee options. Getting the most out of him boils down to a player’s ability to read the battlefield and apply his Actions to the right location.

Wyrd Guild Investigator

Guild Investigator – Malifaux – 17. Juli 2017

After some snooping around I came across this nifty Monday Preview!  Let’s take a look at the Guild Investigator from the upcoming Broken Promises book!

Malifaux ist unter anderem bei unserem Partner Fantasyladen erhältlich.

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