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Victrix: Gallische Kavallerie und mehr

Bei Victrix gibt es Kavallerie der Gallier zu sehen.

 Victrix_Gallic Cavalry set 1 Victrix_Gallic Cavalry set 2 Victrix_Gallic Cavalry set 3

We have various news updates including a new deal.

I am told that we will have test shots of the Greek Heavy Cavalry shortly and knowing the skill of our tool room it is likely these will be signed off on the first attempt. It is hoped that this pending release will be on sale shortly.

Therefore, we will take the opportunity to run another worldwide post free deal before the Greek Heavy Cavalry hits the online shop.

So the deal is free shipping anywhere on all orders over £50.00 and include the LBMS shield transfers.

Code = June2017

The deal will run until a week on Sunday.

The Roman Auxiliaries are due into the tool room as soon as the Greek Heavy Cavalry are finished, these will then be followed by the War Elephant.

Please see the images of the Gallic Cavalry set. Please note that this will be released sometime towards the end of the year. The design team is now working on EIR Cavalry and this set will also include a mounted Roman general with multiple head and arm options.


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