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Spirit of Dice Collection: Kickstarter endet

Bald endet der 2. Durchlauf des Spirit of Dice Kickstarters.


This is a repeat project for those that missed it the first time. We have had a lot of people that would have liked to back this project and also a lot of people that had issues with there card providers.

Sadly we will not be offering any boxes, or add ons for this project but may well be something available in our webstore at www.critit.co.uk after the orginal backers pledges have been forfilled 🙂

Thank you so much for your time and support, I truely appreciate it. We have loved running the original dice campaign and got to know some great people through it.

There are 12 different dice sets available as follows:

Die Sets:

Spirit Of Dice Sets 1 Spirit Of Dice Sets 2 Spirit Of Dice Sets 3 Spirit Of Dice Sets 4

Spirit Of Dice Sets 5 Spirit Of Dice Sets 6 Spirit Of Dice Sets 7 Spirit Of Dice Sets 8

Spirit Of Dice Sets 9 Spirit Of Dice Sets10 Spirit Of Dice Sets11 Spirit Of Dice Sets12

Pledge Level:

The Single Spirit – 10,00 GBP

One Set of ‚Spirit Of‘ Dice, Choose your favourite and recieve ONE set of Spirit Dice. Shipping to be collected after campaign ends.


The Spirit Duo – 18,00 GBP

Buy TWO sets of Animal Spirit dice and make a saving! Shipping to be collected after campaign ends.


Spirit Gathering – 32,00 GBP

Choose FOUR sets of Animal Spirit dice and make a further saving! Shipping to be collected after campaign ends.


Spirit Full House – 50,00 GBP

Choose EIGHT sets of Animal spirits! Shipping to be collected after campaign ends.


High Spirits – 75,oo GBP

Have them all. You will recieve one of each Spirit Dice Set or mix and match. Great for sharing!


Beim zweiten Durchlauf des erfolgreichen Spirit of Dice Kickstarters gibt es diesmal zwar keine Freebies, Add-Ons oder Stretch Goals, dafür aber die Gelegenheit Würfel zu bekommen.

Die Kampagne ist finanziert und wird am 9. August 2017 23:55 CEST enden.


Link: Spirit of Dice Kickstarter


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