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Shieldwolf Miniatures: Neuheiten im Juni

Die Shieldmaidens bekommen Verstärkung!

SW Shieldwolf Shieldmaiden Ice Warbear Cavalry 1 SW Shieldwolf Shieldmaiden Ice Warbear Cavalry 2 SW Shieldwolf Shieldmaiden Ice Warbear Cavalry 3

Shieldmaiden Ice Warbear Cavalry84,90 Euro

„…it is not an unusual sight in the frozen lands of the Krumvaal for ice bear cubs to be captured and later used as mounts by the Shieldmaidens. These are then called ‚Ice Warbears‘ and form the lethal cavalry of this female faction.  The beasts plow though the snow with ease and charge with fury, their huge muscles allowing them to crinkle even the toughest of enemy armor. On top of that their jaws have cracking strength and if they manage to maw the unfortunate one who stands on their way they will snap his bones like toothpicks!

It takes really skillful warriors to surpress the beasts‘ will and make them obey! Often these furry mountains of muscle dissaprove of this captivity however and turn on their masters. What’s surprising is that unlike most beasts of the icy North, these are cunning enough to do so only when they feel they have yielded enough strength to be certain of their victory and escape….“

SW Shieldwolf Krumvaal Battle Yak 1 SW Shieldwolf Krumvaal Battle Yak 2 SW Shieldwolf Krumvaal Battle Yak 3

Krumvaal Battle Yak16,50 Euro

This product consists of one polyurethane resin Krumvaal Northern Alliance Battle Yak. A 100mm x 50mm base comes with this product.

SW Shielwolf Shieldlord 1 SW Shielwolf Shieldlord 2

Shieldlord-B (axe & shield) – 11,90 Euro

The Orc circled around her, and dropped a sword next to her. The Shieldmaiden made no attempt to grab it. She didn’t even look at it. The Orcish Warlord looked at her with despise, kicking away the sword. A worthless shrew, how could she have ever taken down five of his men? This pathetic mess? Tired and not amused with the spectacle, he stopped and turned around to address his men. In an instant and before anyone could move, the ‚pathetic mess‘ sprang into life, jumped on him, snatched his knife and burried it deep in his neck!

The Shieldlord died seconds later, cut to pieces by the raging Orcs. A smile could be seen on her face, as her assassination mission -one the other Shieldlords had deemed impossible- had been accomplished.

SW SHieldwolf Shieldmaiden Warlord 1 SW SHieldwolf Shieldmaiden Warlord 2

Shieldmaiden Warlord-A (dual axes) – 10,90 Euro

„…The Shieldmaidens are always in search of the best possible ways to outclass their enemies. For this reason there is no royal blood and other silly things Talliareum humans keep falling victims of. The hierarchy consists of who is the strongest to lead the rest. These are known as Shieldlords, warrioresses whose natural skill and years of hard training make them hard and ruthless. This is the same as their male counterparts (the Krumvaal), raw brutal strength is highly respected in these icy lands…“

SW SHieldwolf Shieldmaiden Warlord 3 SW SHieldwolf Shieldmaiden Warlord 4

Shieldmaiden Warlord-B (w/great maul) – 10,90 Euro

„…Despite their lethal abilities however, the Shieldlords are in grade to acknowledge the superior tactical minds of other Shieldmaidens who although courageous and more skilled than their average companion, are outclassed in melee fighting compared to the Shieldlords. They can however highly contribute in creating plans and confer tactical advantages the Shieldlords would never be able to think of. These cunning and brave women carry the title of Chieftess, although that is not inheretable nor does it confer them any riches. It is a simple state of logic the Shieldmaidens carry in their hierarchy.“

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  • Die Eisbären sehen genial aus, gefallen mir richtig gut. Leider hab ich für die in keinem Projekt Verwendung

  • Sehr coole Armee insgesamt.
    In einer WHF Imperium/ Kislev Armee könnte man die Eisbären evtl. verwenden. Als Demigreifen-Proxies evtl.

  • Die Eisbären sind sehr schick, nur die Lords/Warlords wollen mir nicht so gut gefallen :-/

    Das Battleyak kommt irgendwann in den Einkaufskorb, das könnte ich für ein Projekt gebrauchen 🙂

    • bei den lords/warlords liegt das aber an der bemalung, die miniaturen sehen unbemalt besser aus, hab meine aus dem kickstarter hier noch rumliegen

  • Das Yak. Einfach gut sowas.
    Und ich habe halt eine Schwäche für toughe Iro-Barbarinnen. Obwohl die hier nicht so ganz fetzen.

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