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Runewars: Latari Darnati Warriors

Die Latari Elfen für Runewars bekommen eine weitere Erweiterung, die Darnati Warriors.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Darnati Warriors 1

The Darnati Warriors are elusive and enigmatic even for the Latari. Although they have always answered the call of the war horn in times of need, in times of peace they are scattered throughout the Aymhelin forest, seeking wisdom and redemption through a mysterious, ascetic, and silent lifestyle. For those rare few who have witnessed the speed and grace of the Darnati, however, there is no denying the sheer beauty—and effectiveness—of their techniques.

Now, the Latari gather their forces beneath the boughs of the Aymhelin Forest and prepare to join the battle for Terrinoth. They must call upon the strength of their most skilled and mysterious warriors if they wish to defeat the undead forces of Waiqar the Undying and the demonic locust swarm of the Uthuk Y’llan. Fantasy Flight Games is pleased to introduce the elegant Darnati Warriors Unit Expansion for Runewars Miniatures Game!

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Darnati Warriors 2

Mysterious Masters

The Darnati warriors share a mysterious bond with their moonstone blades that none outside of their ranks understand. They use this connection to focus their energy and slash through foes as if the weapons were as light as air. This deadly grace equips the Darnati warriors with the ability to roll three blue dice when making a melee attack, providing a high probability of rolling at least one surge icon. The swordsmen may then choose to spend this surge to gain the Lethal 1 keyword for the duration of the melee. However, this high striking power comes with its own cost; the Darnatis’ blades slow after each strike. After rerolls, a player controlling the Darnati warriors must remove one blue die.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Darnati Warriors 3

These elven swordsmen have a cost of nineteen for two trays of warriors, with an incredibly large variety of available upgrades as their numbers increase on the battlefield. For example, to counteract the loss of a blue die, a player can offer the Darnati warriors a Moment of Inspiration.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Darnati Warriors 4

This upgrade, included in the expansion, allows a player to exhaust the card to add one white die during a melee attack. With a little luck, this addition will provide the Darnati with the bonus surges they need to continue their graceful assault upon the enemies of the Latari.

Swift Swordplay

After centuries of training, the Darnati circle their foes with the grace of a Yeron and the ferocity of a Leonx. A swift series of steps is all that precedes the lethal opalescent glimmer and the whirl of a blade. This lends the Darnati a fierce and dangerous beauty when engaging enemy forces. As quickly as it began, the duel is over, and the Darnati move on to their next partner in the deadly dance.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Darnati Warriors 5

When attacking as a group, the Darnati are trained to move with perfect synchronicity. As such, their command tool has a white reform modifier that the Darnati can use at any time, constantly confounding the enemy. The elven warriors’ command dial is designed for a wide range of mobility, with march actions falling both early and late in the round and a full selection of eight modifiers, two of which can be used with any action. The Darnati can choose to either attack early with their blue actions and modifiers, or use the green actions with later initiatives to evade or reposition. When the Darnati do choose to engage with the enemy, their dial offers them a bonus hit modifier to pair with their melee action, thus guaranteeing that they deal damage to the defenders.

Custom Command

The Darnati Warriors Unit Expansion includes a full command of eight unpainted Darnati warrior figurines. Players have the option to drape their soldiers in the signature green of the Aymhelin forest, the sky blue and white of the elves’ capital city, or design a new uniform unique to the player controlling them.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Darnati Warriors 6

This expansion also offers players a series of tokens and five upgrade cards to add to their elven arsenal. Whether they bear the green of the Latari forces or not, these upgrade cards are tailored to the needs of the Darnati warriors. Triumphant Cry complements the warriors’ command dial by stating that the player commanding the elven forces may perform a reform action after an enemy they are engaged with is destroyed.

Fantasy Flight Games Runewars Darnati Warriors 7

These upgrades, combined with hard earned skill, make the Darnati warriors stronger than any of the dark forces that have emerged in Terrinoth.

Answer the Call

Now, the whispers of the Darnati Warriors can be heard amid the rustling of the Aymhelin treetops once more, but their whispers foreshadow great darkness and war. When the Lord of the Elves calls the banners, the Darnati will be ready.

Look for the Darnati Warriors Unit Expansion (RWM24) at local retailers in Q4 of 2017!

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Heidelberger.

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