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Relic Knights: Resin-Previews

Ninja Division zeigen neue Relic Knights Resin-Previews.

Relic Knights Resin-Previews 01

Ever since we announced Relic Knights: 2nd Edition, one of the most common questions we’ve received is, “what about model quality?” In our initial announcement article, we talked about the steps we have been taking to ensure that your Relic Knights: 2nd Edition experience is dominated by the stunning models your battlefield deserves.

Today we’re going a step further to show you some samples of actual resin production models from the 2-Player Starter set. The models are still on the sprue and have not received any cleanup. They’re also blown-up significantly larger than the actual physical pieces—far larger than the actual piece is in real life. Despite this, the detail holds up to remarkable levels. The quality captured speaks for itself, so let’s get straight to the pictures!

Relic Knights Resin-Previews 02

We start off with one of the burly Sundown Enforcers that make up Bang-Bang’s Radiant Cadre. A squad of three Sundown Enforcers are included in the 2-Player Starter. Each model is big and burly standing on a 40mm base. This model is entirely single-cast. All you need to do is glue it to its base and it’s read to play and paint. You can see the incredible detail captured on the model including the armor’s detailing and even the little chips and scratches suffered in battle.

Relic Knights Resin-Previews 03

Next is a Dark Pinion, part of Tahariel’s Void Cadre. A squad of three Dark Pinions are included in the 2-Player Starter. Once again this model is single-cast and ready to see action. Like the Enforcer, the Dark Pinion has lots of different layers to its armor that show up brilliantly in the cast with nice clean edges and even undercuts. Of particular notice is the circle detailing on the hip which not only is nice and clean, but has a very delicate inset circle that is captured perfectly.

Relic Knights Resin-Previews 04

The Radiant Questing Knight, Bang-Bang is a gunslinger extraordinaire and displays some extraordinary detail befitting such a personality. In contrast to the Sundown Enforcers and Dark Pinions, which are all hard edges and armor, Bang-Bang is all about graceful curves and soft fabrics. Of particular note are the creases in her shorts, and at the shoulders and elbows of her jacket. These are small, delicate creases on a model that is only 32mm tall and nonetheless translate perfectly from the sculpt we previewed earlier. The skirt of the jacket on the back-angle also shows some very subtle depth and movement from the gather along the hips to the slight tug of the fabric along the bottom of the jacket’s trim. Let’s not forget those perfectly sculpted abs and belly button. Bang-Bang has done a crunch or 10 in her time we wager. Bang-Bang also has some very delicate hard detail, such as the bullets around her boots, the sheriff-star belt buckle, and her six-shooters. The guns are particularly notable as they are tiny pieces, but you can easily make out the detail of the hammer, cylinder, and sights.

Relic Knights Resin-Previews 05

The Void Questing Knight, Tahariel is a simply stunning. She also demonstrates how well multiple types of detail are captured. The hard lines of her staff’s headpiece are sharp and well defined, including the thin and delicate components that overlap. The soft folds of her robe are soft and luxurious, and the subtle creases in her stockings are evident with clarity. Of particular note is Tahariel’s face. Her eyes, eye brows, and mouth are all easily visible and beautifully represented. Even the small nose, which is characteristic of Relic Knight’s anime influences, is realized perfectly.

As you can see, we’ve put an incredible amount of care and love into revitalizing Relic Knight’s signature look and making sure the models delivered to you are true representations of the art, expertly translate from sculpt to model, and are breathtaking to behold. We look forward to showing you even more exciting Relic Knights content on our Kickstarter, February 27, 3:00pm EST.


Quelle: Ninja Division


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  • Sieht gut aus. Auch wenn ich ein bisschen vom Zeitpunkt und genutzten Plattform (Kickstarter) enttäuscht bin. Da Soda Pop mit Super Dungeon 2. Edition, Rail Raiders Infinite und Way of the Fighter momentan immer noch 3 Kickstarter am bearbeiten ist…

  • Word. Sieht stark nach Querfinanzierung aus. Besonders beim Legends sieht es nicht so aus, dass es schnell weiter geht. Midara sieht es ähnlich aus.

  • Ne Ne,
    nicht nach dem ersten KS von dem Spiel da warte ich lieber die 4 Jahre bis es da ist

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