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Monolith: Neue Previews

Monolith präsentieren neue Preview Bilder für ihr Spiel Batman. Da wir länger nichts gezeigt haben, haben wir auch schon ein paar ältere Previews mit drin.

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Good morning Gotham!

This week, we go back to miniatures with one of the defining characters of the Batman universe.

She is the eyes and ears of the Gotham vigilantes, able to penetrate any kind of information system and hack virtually anything from a cell phone to the firewalls of the NSA: Oracle!

The sculpt is from Irek Zieliński – 3D modeling.

See you next week for more news!

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Good morning Gotham!

This week, we dig deep in the undergrounds of Gotham City. Put on your waders because we set foot in the (Work In Progress) sewers!

This setting will see the Heroes and the Villain troops fight through makeshift shelters and jump over turbulent waters.

Aquatic creatures (especially those wearing a trench coat) will move more easily in these treacherous streams.

The illustration is from Georges Clarenko, our lead artist on the game boards.

See you next week for more news!

Monolith Neue Previews 09 Monolith Neue Previews 12 Monolith Neue Previews 11 Monolith Neue Previews 10

Good morning Gotham!

This week, we venture in the Narrows and its dark alleys to meet some of the lowlifes who terrorize the neighborhood.
They are guns for hire and usually don’t use diplomacy to get out of situations…

Sculpts from Arnaud Boudoiron and painting by Martin Grandbarbe.

So who’s your favorite bad guy?

See you next week for more news!

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Good morning Gotham!
This week, we go back to miniatures. Meet the former actor, the shape-shifter, the one who can be whoever he wants to be: Clayface!
A sculpt of Aragorn Marks.
We have placed a standard size miniature just to give you a sense of scale.
See you next week for more news!


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