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Kore Aeronautics: LARC Kickstarter

Kore Aeronautics präsentiert ihre Kampagne um ihr KA101 LARC Modell zu finanzieren.

Kore Aeronautics LARC 01

Kore Aeronautics LARC 19 Kore Aeronautics LARC 20 Kore Aeronautics LARC 21


Welcome to the Kickstarter for the KA101 LARC – Low Altitude Rotor Craft. The first in a new range of post modern / sci fi Flyers from the Kore Aeronautics Design Lab.

The LARC is a 32mm Scale Flyer, the design is a homage to many VTOL’s that you will see in Hollywood Movies or read about in many sci fi novels; we have intentionally created it to look like a workhorse with a gritty science fiction image that could be set anywhere from the near future to perhaps a century or 2 down the line.

The LARC is not a high tech, super futuristic design – rather, its the versatile and highly utilitarian Work chopper of the Future. It is easily adapted to a number of roles and utilises tried and tested technologies – many of the components of which you will see in other Kore Vehicles and VTOL’s. The ideas here, is that within its setting, it is easy to maintain, low cost and efficient – and also simple to adapt for your Corporations needs.

Kore Aeronautics LARC 02 Kore Aeronautics LARC 03 Kore Aeronautics LARC 04

We have several designs planned – to give you the option of including your LARC in a range of scenarios perhaps as an objective or a scenic piece? Our own, initial designs include

KA101 LARC: Civilian light aircraft

KA111 “Nightingale”: Medevac / rescue aircraft

KA141 “Talon”: Multi-role combat aircraft

KA103 “Eagle”: Dedicated reconnaissance / news report aircraft

– Each of these is a distinctly different Variant on the basic LARC hull – and each comes with a different loudout of equipment and tech. You can, with a little imagination, even mix and match the designs to perhaps have a Military rescue LARC with both Combat and Saviour pods, for example.

Aim of the Kickstarter

We have already had the 3d Imagery for all 4 initial variants rendered – and had 3d prints for both the Civilian LARC and the Military Talon Variant. To pay for the production run, mould costs, etc.. we want to keep the Kickstarter Goals tight.


Pilot  – 35,00 GBP

You get one LARC civilian version, and you may also select any one unlocked Upgrade Packs.

Flight Officer – 65,00 GBP

You get two LARC civilian versions, and you may also select any two of unlocked Upgrade Packs.

Wing Commander – 90,00 GBP

You get three LARC civilian versions, and you may also select any three of unlocked Upgrade Packs.

Quartermaster – Retailer Pledge level – 150,00 GBP

You get 6 x LARC Civilian Versions, and may upgrade any of them to any variants unlocked. Please note – this is a Retailer only Pledge level and you must have a Retail business.

Stretch Goals:

Kore Aeronautics LARC 05

Kore Aeronautics are delighted to introduce their first foray into the aeronautical engineering market, the KA101 LARC. The LARC has been designed to integrate leading edge technology with old fashioned solid reliability, embedded in a robust and highly adaptable airframe. With a number of dedicated variants available on demand—from civil aviation to reportage, from emergency response to military operations—there is a LARC for you, whatever your specialty. The LARC has been built with your needs in mind, sharing a catalog of readily available components* with many other Kore Industries vehicles. With extensive third-party supply contracts already in place, the LARC has lower maintenance sensitivity than most of its competitors. This means less time on the ground, and more in the air.

Kore Aeronautics LARC 06

“I’ve flown light helos all across the Territories and in more disputed zones than I care to remember. I’ve never found a bird as easy to fly as the LARC. She’s forgiving, fast, surprisingly low maintenance and easy on the eye. Hell. I prefer her over my third wife! Cheaper too.”  

Attributed to FLT O Hendrik O’Bannon, 3rd Valkyrie Hussars Mercenary Command.

We initially want to raise £2,000 to fund the Moulds and first production run of the basic Civilian Model. If we achieve the funding, we can then move onto the really exciting stuff! Like..

Kore Aeronautics LARC 07

 We at Kore Aeronautics recognise our clientele’s need for a versatile helo capable of performing a number of functions in a broad range of operations. The Talon is such a craft. In keeping with Kore’s corporate ethos of low cost, high value, the Talon is available in a variety of configurations. The Talon is designed to optimise end-user flexibility with a weapons load-out that ensures our customers can rely on the Talon in any hostile environment. Whatever your mission parameters—be it ghost-op, hot retrieval or escort—you can rely on the Talon and its triumvirate of weapons systems. Whilst the dual ‘Handy-Gat’ configuration offers market-leading firepower, both the Koffin AGL and twin quad-mounted Sky Streak missile systems can be further personalised to your operational requirements. Put simply, the firepower to weight ratio of the KA141 Talon allows it to punch well above its weight.

Kore Aeronautics LARC 08Kore Aeronautics LARC 09Kore Aeronautics LARC 10Kore Aeronautics LARC 11

“So I’m called in—on a Sunday no less—on an emergency contract to rescue some dumb Corporate Raider from a hostile LZ in West-Sheffield. So when my usual helo is down for maintenance (again!), the local Kore Aeronautics rep offers me the keys to her shiny new Talon. At first I just thought, ‘Damn! That thing’s so small! I can barely carry a six-pack in the back, let alone extract a Triple Rate bonus boy from an office ‘plex two blocks south of a warzone.” I tell ya though, that bird can fly! I took a left turn at the Cineplex on Main, headed straight down Winchester and landed her on the Corporate Restaurant on the roof of the Stiel Werks Building. Int. Sec. tried to slap me with a no parking permit, but the Koffin and Handy Gats took care of them, and I’m sure glad that my K.A. rep. loaded the Sky Streakers with A.A.: I downed two inbound Interceptors before delivering the package to a safe zone 200 klicks south. Would I fly her again? I won’t fly anything else. Have you heard the sound system on that baby? Nobody—and I mean nobody—on the market can match that bass.”  

Lt. Jayne Mendosa, Postal 7 Close Protection Operative.

The Talon is a much larger kit than the basic Civilian LARC, as it includes a number of additional components. It is loaded out for a Multi-role aspect, capable of taking on most of what the modern battlefield can throw at it.

Kore Aeronautics LARC 12

 Kore Aeronautics are proud to present the brand new Eagle VTOL. A further variant on the industry standard KA101 LARC, the Eagle brings the LARC’s reliability and performance to the demanding 24-hour rolling news market. This versatile aircraft is equipped with not only a leading edge, nose-mounted, multi-optic camera, but also two racks of highly maneuverable and durable drone cameras. Whilst these drones can be piloted by the Eagle’s crew, they are also equipped with an A.I. capable of autonomous control. These innovative drones will help your news teams get the best camera angle for any remote shots. They’re also fully integrated with the Eagle’s comms system, ensuring footage can be relayed directly to any news channel taking advantage of the Eagle’s advanced capabilities.

Kore Aeronautics LARC 13Kore Aeronautics LARC 14Kore Aeronautics LARC 15

“The Avondale Veterans riots were a fecal-storm that nobody else wanted anything to do with. I mean, there were angry people down there with firearms and military training. Fortunately the drones on my Eagle meant we could get cameras in good and close without placing ourselves in harm’s way. Not only did we make the headline news, but the footage helped the cops identify the ringleaders. Oh, and did I mention we won the Lead News Award for best footage?”  

Chad ‘Rad’ Denver, NXT News

The Eagle has a smaller loadout than the Talon – but its own Variant Chin turret and a twin rack of 2 drones.

Kore Aeronautics LARC 16


Kore Aeronautics is proud to unveil its first foray into the medivac market, the Nightingale. A further variant on Kore’s flagship LARC VTOL, the Nightingale’s suite of features places it at the forefront of modern emergency response solutions. Whilst the Nightingale’s fully stocked pharmaceutical bay and organ storage cabinet are industry standards, the Nightingale’s twin ELSA (Emergency Life Support Apparatus) pods set this VTOL apart from the competition. The result of Kore Aeronautics’ new 10-year deal with market leader Oshigawa Medicine, the Nightingales’ twin ELSAs are variants of Oshigawa Medicine’s world-renowned, A.I.-enhanced Florence VII. Lightweight and highly portable, these ELSAs are the most advanced life support pods on the market (outside of military installations and corporate hospitals) and are two full generations more advanced than the nearest competitor can offer.

Kore Aeronautics LARC 17Kore Aeronautics LARC 18

 “There is no way—No. Way—Lieutenant Baker should have lived. When we extracted him from Pelham Parkway he’d lost almost seventy-five percent of his blood volume and suffered major trauma to the pelvic and abdominal area. But the Florence pods kept him alive long enough for us to get him to Lincoln Medical and into theater. They did the rest. That guy owes his life to the Florence and my Nightingale VTOL. “So make no mistake, if you want a medivac VTOL that has the ability to keep the patient alive AND is quick enough to get them to the trauma center in one piece, then the Nightingale simply has no rival.”  

Danielle Studebaker, Lincoln Medical Center, NYC

The Nightingale comes with 2 large ELSA’s – emergency survival pods, and you can imagine this Variant being used by Corporate, Military and Civilian Medical pilots in a broad range of environments. The Pods are a gorgeous piece of kit on their own!

Details & Ziele:

So, those are the Funding and next 3 stretch goals! We have a few very cool ideas beyond those, and hope that the Kickstarter journey takes us there in the coming days and weeks!

We are also talking to some 3rd Parties about perhaps making a LARC variant for their gaming systems.. but more on those if they happen as its early days yet and we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise.

NOTE : If you happen to have a Post Modern / Sci fi game and you like the idea of adding the LARC to your game, drop us a line, we would love to hear from you!

Whats it made of?

The Model and all variants will be cast in high quality resin by one of the UK’s leading Resin casters. Already highly experienced in the manufacturing of vehicles, the casting of this gorgeous kit is in good hands. Our 3d Sculptor is also a modeller at heart, and has taken great care to ensure that not only are the right parts made a little chunkier (i.e. the skids are heavy enough to take the weight of the LARC parked and will support it well – and she’s not a light bird!), but that the assembly will be straight forward, simple and easy for any modeller from a novice to an expert!

With that in mind, you’ll find that if you are an expert, and enjoy working with magnets and conversions – the LARC should be a joy to work with! The chin gun, chin plate, camera and drones will be capable of being magnetised on the Talon and Eagle variants as well, the Master print for these are enroute and we will put up more detailed photographs once the components arrive.

The rear area of the LARC is fully detailed with 4 seats in the Civilian Variants and 6 seats in the Military. Clearly, the Civilian LARC has been constructed with comfort in mind.

The doors are separate on all variants and can be modelled from closed through to fully opened.

The Rotor assemblies are sturdy and well designed to take a bit of abuse – and the connections on those are also hefty, with the option of you being able to rotate the rotors to just the right position that you want.

Our Resin caster has given us very realistic time frames to expect volumes of Casting, and we believe we can deliver this Kickstarter very swiftly – as soon as we fund, he begins casting! As soon as the casting is complete, we dispatch.

How does it scale with other Miniatures?

It fits in smoothly with most 28mm – 32mm and heroic scale Sci fi and post modern minis. The model is a good size and we have had a play with practice renders for crewmen, etc and can assure you that it will take a 6ft scale pilot easily, plus a co pilot and 6 seats in the military version! The Civilian LARC is, of course, rather more comfortable with only 4 seats in the back..

The Dimensions of this model are;

Length: 165mm

Width: 220mm

Height: 65mm

– as you can tell from the photos and the Scale, this is not a small model. It has real presence on the tabletop and looks fantastic.


Zurzeit steht der Kickstarter bei 1.395 GBP von seinem 2.000 GBP Finanzierungsziel. Die Kampagne endet am 01. August 2017.

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