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Knights of Dice: Neuheiten

Knights of Dice haben Neuheiten für ihre SF Reihe Neo Sentry und ihre Pulp Reihe Sentry City im Programm.


KOD SCOT037 04 KOD SCOT037 05 KOD Harmonic

Harmonic Theatre Interior Kit – 50,00 AUD

Ein Add-On für das „Harmonic Theatre“ (Abb. rechts in der zweiten Reihe oben):

This is not a stand alone kit, it is designed to slip into the Harmonic Theatre. Once assembled, this kit forms a box that slides neatly into the existing space inside the Harmonic Theatre and adds a lovely, intricate interior to the model.




KOD SCOT038 03 KOD SCOT038 04

Glacier Lodge – 70,00 AUD

It’s Saturday night and the bands jiving!

Need to unwind, see a show, find out if the new comedian in town is actually as funny as your cousin said then the Glacier Lodge is the place to visit.

Located in the Old Town quarters of Sentry City this night-time icon has been the scene of some of the biggest parties attended by the biggest celebraties of all time.

Material: 3mm & 1.8mm MDF

Footprint: ~400x250mm

Height: ~220mm

KOD NSED022 KOD NSED022 01 KOD NSED022 02 KOD NSED022 04

Yuka Spire – 56,oo AUD

General Masami Yuka (RET) was a feared military leader, known as much for his skill in battle as for the oppresion of the people.  After his retirement from the military he established Yuka Corp. and provides logistics, construction and surveillance to both civilian and government departments.

As capable and cunning a business leader as he was military General he is well respected amongst his peers but mostly feared by the people.

Across all the cities of the 9 Districts his towers have been eracted; some small some large, that provide everything from surveillance to distribution of power and the maintanence of networks and systems.


Materials: 1.8mm MDF

Footprint: ~240x240mm

Height: ~260mm


Quelle: Knights of Dice auf Facebook

Link: Knights of Dice

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  • Das Yuka-Gebäude finde ich toll, schöne 2. Ebene um den 3D-Effekt zu erzeugen und die MDF-typische flache Struktur zu beheben…

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