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Kickstarter: My Last Sunrise

Bad Squiddo Games haben einen neuen Kickstarter gestartet, dieses Mal geht es um Gothic Horror 28mm Miniaturen.

Kickstarter My Last Sunrise 01

Dracula is back, doing all the things Dracula does; building his army of undead, and fighting off pesky slayers. These fantastic miniatures, created by a team including such top names as Gary Morley and Shane Hoyle, come in some neat little sets that are useful for a whole load of games.

This Kickstarter is super short (just five days), but will fulfill in the same speed. Short and sweet! It will begin to ship THIS MONTH. Read at the bottom to find out more and the whens and hows.


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The Miniatures are between 28mm and 32mm to the eyes, and fit with most popular and similar gaming ranges. They are unpainted white metal casts with slotta tabs and bases.


Remember you can pledge for multiple levels. For example you can go for all the minis (#5) and add another group of goodies. Just pledge the total and I’ll ask afterwards for the breakdown. Just ask if any confusion!

Kickstarter My Last Sunrise 14 Kickstarter My Last Sunrise 15


PLEASE NOTE UNLIKE THE PREVIOUS BAD SQUIDDO KICKSTARTERS THERE WILL NOT BE AN ADDITIONAL PLEDGE MANAGER ON THE WEBSITE. It’s really for speed to get everything out ASAP. So if you want extras, make sure to include it in your pledge amount. We’ll be using just the basic Kickstarter pledge manager so there will be a chance there to say if you want anything else. Any questions just ask!

Kickstarter My Last Sunrise 09


Sculpted by Gus Kearns, these are metal cast, tabbed bases and larger than the rest of the figures. See the size comparison below.

Kickstarter My Last Sunrise 10 Kickstarter My Last Sunrise 11

Kickstarter My Last Sunrise 12


This Kickstarter has a dream team of sculptors involved. In order of number of sculpts we have Gary Morley, Gus Kearns, Ian Mountain and Shane Hoyle. Special thanks to Alan Marsh. A mixture of regular and new sculptors to Bad Squiddo, they are all well known and established in the industry.


Kickstarter has been great for two large (large for me!) projects so far – Ghosts of Gaia and Ghosts of Gaia II. We are currently having the metal for the last Kickstarter cast. Please note that this Kickstarter will not delay or interrupt Ghosts of Gaia fullfillment – we are using a different caster for this.

This short campaign is to give a good boost – jump start – to this small range. The reach of Kickstarter is very large, and it will be a better way to introduce the miniatures to a wider audience. The funds from the previous Kickstarter are either set aside or spent on fullfillment, and the next big project (separate to this).

Anyone who follows Bad Squiddo already will know that Annie (Bad Squiddo Games owner) has had a very sick pet for the last few months, which has sapped any „spare“ funds, which would have been used to flat launch a mini project such as this. So the moulds are made, we just need to get casting, and this KS is just to get that production mould heated up and turning.


My name is Annie and I run Bad Squiddo Games. I first became known in the industry as “The Dice Bag Lady” in 2011 and built up a solid reputation and customer base by providing high quality, unique dice bags to the world, creating a brand new style. This only came to an end when the endless needlework caused my hands to stop working, and I ended up diversifying into miniatures.

Two years later, Bad Squiddo Games sells the largest collection of 28mm female miniatures in the world. As well as manufacturing the ever growing Bad Squiddo line, we stock female figures from around the globe, focusing on those which are practically dressed (which doesn’t ALWAYS mean covered from head to toe!) and suited to the job. It gained momentum exceedingly quickly with a wide demographic of people, from little girls to army veterans. We sell online as well as at trade shows around the UK and mainland Europe, and focus heavily on a strong customer service as well as adding what many have referred to as a breath of fresh air in a sometimes dusty industry.


Yes! Wild times! We’ll still be focusing on female miniatures but tossing in the odd dude now and again. Variety!


As a business with a successful web shop, we ship a lot of packages every day to all over the world, so you can rest assured we are more than familiar with safe packaging, customs and methods.

The shipping is slightly different for each pledge, but around £3 for the UK, £4 EU and £5 Rest of the world, sent by the Royal Mail. Shipping is added at time of pledge, and the largest pledge levels are a mighty Pound more expensive, it is all listed there for transparency. We’ve kept the postage as low as possible for ease of accessibility.

Bad Squiddo Games is not liable for any customs or handling fees you may be charged.

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