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Khurasan Miniatures: Neue Ritter

Khurasan Miniatures haben Preview Bilder ihrer neuen Ritter gepostet.

Khurasan Miniatures Neue Ritter 01

Spanish knight from the late 14th century range. He has a brigandine not covered by a jupon, a gorget attached to a padded coif, a kettle helmet and a bouched rectangular shield. There will be six poses showing various uniquely Spanish men at arms — so a few with this arrangement, some wearing bascinets and jupons but without plate arm protection (chainmail sleeves proved popular in Spain, probably because knights often threw their lances against Berber light cavalry), and with a mix of bouched shields and the „Spanish shield,“ which had roughly parallel sides but with a rounded bottom. Each set will be provided with a mix of heavy and light lances as it remained common to throw the lance in Spain due to the nature of the opponents. A full range of Spanish/Italian infantry have been made as well.

Iberian armies are very popular from the period because they can have hard charging mounted knights, a good number of English longbowmen, very useful loose order infantry in very large numbers, and skirmishing light cavalry — this last part a major deficit in most medieval armies.

Khurasan Miniatures Neue Ritter 02

„Gott mit Uns“ — the battle cry of the Teutonic Knights. Our expansion of the 14th century range continues. The Schwerbruder wore the western-style jupon and used Lithuanian pavise style shields or the bouched ectangular shields popular in Germany. We have also modified some of their helmets to give them a properly German feel, with a close fitting klappviser and a very long narrow nasal bar on two of the figures.

It’s our belief (and that of most historians) that they removed the cloak before battle, although the Grand Master may have worn it, so we are depicting them without it.

We hope to be releasing the first codes of northwestern European foot knights soon, as well as pavisiers and crossbowmen — just waiting for the castings ….


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