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Imperial Assault: K.I.-App für Co-op Modus

Fantasy Flight Games haben eine App entwickelt, mit deren Hilfe man Imperial Assault komplett kooperativ, also ohne Imperialen Spieler, spielen kann. Auch Solo-Play sollte damit möglich sein.

Legends of the Alliance

App-Supported Cooperative Play for Imperial Assault

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Coop App Legends 2

“I’ll not leave you here. I’ve got to save you.”
–Luke Skywalker, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

The Death Star has been destroyed—but as fragments of wreckage rain down on Yavin 4, the war is not over. The time for heroes has not passed. If anything, the Rebellion needs heroes more now than ever before. The Galactic Civil War is raging on, and it’s time for you and your friends to come together and journey side by side into a galaxy filled with more peril, excitement, and adventure than you had ever imagined.

Play your Imperial Assault campaigns in an entirely cooperative way—the Legends of the Alliance companion app is coming soon from Fantasy Flight Games!

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Coop App Legends 3

A Galaxy of Adventure

Legends of the Alliance is a free companion app for Imperial Assault that promises to revolutionize the way that you play the game. Until now, your campaign games of Imperial Assault have been divided between two sides. Up to four players became heroes of the Alliance, fighting for freedom across the galaxy. The final player took on the role of the Empire—commanding Imperial forces, triggering powerful events, and serving as the heroes’ opponent over the course of the campaign.

With the Legends of the Alliance app, you immediately have the chance to challenge and reform these existing roles. The Legends of the Alliance app assumes the role of the Imperial player—handling every aspect of the game once controlled by that player, whether commanding the Imperial forces in battle, springing traps on the Rebel heroes, and inviting you to explore secret bases and strange planets in entirely new ways.

At its core, Legends of the Alliance introduces a fully-formed, cooperative way to play Imperial Assault, controlling all of the soldiers and responsibilities once handled by the Imperial player and freeing you and your friends to unite against the Galactic Empire.


What about traditional campaigns and the skirmish game?

Legends of the Alliance was not designed to replace the traditional campaign or the skirmish game for Imperial Assault. Instead, all three variants will continue to exist side-by-side, providing separate play experiences for players to enjoy.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Coop App Legends 4

As the replacement for the Imperial player, the Legends of the Alliance app displays the introduction to every quest and instructs the players on how to set up the map at the beginning of each mission. The app details exactly which map tiles, Imperial forces, supply crates, and objective tokens must be placed for the mission and where you will need to place them.

Using the app to play fully cooperative Imperial Assault also opens the door for a greater spirit of exploration than ever before. After all, you’re not just fighting Imperials during your missions—you’re stealthily infiltrating a base, or you’re exploring an unknown planet, or you’re walking down the streets of an Imperial occupied city. No matter where your journeys take you, Legends of the Alliance enables you to preserve the mystery waiting behind every door. At the beginning of a mission, some of the map tiles, tokens, and Imperial forces will be placed together, but doors will hide what lies beyond. As soon as your hero slides open a door, however, the app will tell you which map tiles to add to the expanding map, as well as any Imperial forces or other traps that your hero sees.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Coop App Legends 5

Of course, the Legends of the Alliance companion app accomplishes far more than just revealing the map and describing key events—it also leads the Imperial forces into battle against your heroes! After a hero activates, the app will choose an Imperial unit to activate, sending it forward with cruel cunning to isolate your heroes and pick off the weak. Each Imperial activation gives its unit a unique special ability to boost its powers, as well as a list of actions for the unit to carry out.

You’ll find your enemies acting to destroy your ambitions at every turn. Powerful combatants like Darth Vader will wade into the fray, slicing left and right with melee weapons. Stormtroopers will run forward, fire, and duck back into cover, while Imperial Officers will coordinate from behind the front lines. Each different type of unit has unique abilities and behavior, and you’ll need to work together with your fellow heroes and adjust your strategies in order to triumph!

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Coop App Legends 6

Resupply at the Armory

With the Legends of the Alliance app, the cooperative campaign for Imperial Assault captures the entire campaign experience. Upon download, you’ll be offered a tutorial to teach you the game and the differences between the cooperative campaign and the traditional game. You’ll also be invited to embark on a brand-new five-mission campaign: Flight of the Freedom Fighter. Beginning immediately after the destruction of the Death Star above Yavin 4, this campaign will send you and your fellow heroes on an adventure across the galaxy—and you only need the Imperial Assault Core Set to play.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Coop App Legends 7

Just as in a traditional campaign, Legends of the Alliance gives you the chance to resupply and upgrade your hero after every mission. After your mission ends—whether in victory or defeat—you’ll return to a map of the galaxy. From here, you’ll be able to learn new skills from your hero’s class cards and spend the credits that you’ve earned to purchase new weapons and equipment from the armory. The companion app automatically tracks every class card you buy and new item you acquire, making it easier than ever to grab your cards and begin playing whenever you return to your campaign.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Coop App Legends 8

A Galaxy to Explore

As we mention above, Legends of the Alliance and its cooperative campaign experience are not intended to replace the traditional campaign for Imperial Assault. Instead, it provides a new option for players looking for a different experience. And in fact, Legends of the Alliance scales and includes more content based on the size of your physical Imperial Assault collection!

To play Legends of the Alliance, you don’t need anything more than the Imperial Assault Core Set—but the more physical expansions you add to your collection, the more content you have access to within the app. You’ll be able to play with any of the heroes from your expansions and find items and supply cards from across your collection as well. At launch, the app will only support the Imperial and Mercenary forces from the Core Set as your enemies, but future updates will add new foes and allies from additional box expansions, Ally Packs, and Villain Packs. What’s more, future campaigns will draw heavily on expansions as you journey across the Star Wars galaxy and explore new planets beyond anything you’ve encountered before.

FFG Fantasy Flight Games Imperial Assault Coop App Legends 9

Forge Your Legend

The Alliance needs heroes—and you and your friends are the perfect candidates. Stand side-by-side with your friends and prepare to enter a galaxy of heroism and adventure!

The Legends of Alliance companion app for Imperial Assault will be available for download soon!

Die wichtigsten Fakten:

  • Die App bietet einen weiteren Weg an, Imperial Assault zu spielen. Sie wird den Campaign und Skirmish Mode nicht ersetzen.
  • Sie wird kostenlos sein.
  • Der Artikel klingt so, als würden Inhalte in der App über den Besitz der physischen Produkte freigeschaltet werden.
  • Ob die angekündigten zukünftigen (digitalen) Kampagnen auch kostenfrei sein werden, wurde nicht ausdrücklich gesagt.

Zum Ablauf:

  • In der App wird angegeben, wie man den Spielplan aufbauen soll, allerdings erlaubt sie auch, Elemente hinter Türen erst zu zeigen, wenn diese geöffnet wurden, und damit ein Erkundungs-Element einzubauen.
  • Die App übernimmt die Kontrolle über die imperialen Modelle und steuert sie im Kampf mit einer K.I., die jeder Einheit ihren eigenen Kampfstil geben soll.
  • Die App wird auch den Level-Aufstieg und die Ausrüstung der Helden managen können und damit das „Speichern“ zwischen Spielsitzungen in einer Kampagne erleichtern.

Zum Inhalt der App:

  • Es wird ein kurzes Tutorial geben, das die Unterschiede zwischen „Legends“ und dem normalen Kampagnenspiel erläutert.
  • Auch wird eine komplett neue Kampagne aus fünf Missionen mitgeliefert werden, die komplett mit dem Inhalt des Imperial Assault Grundspiels gespielt werden kann: „Flight of the Freedom Fighter“
  • Zum Launch wird erst mal nur der Inhalt des Grundspiels in der App verfügbar sein, mit der Zeit sollen aber auch die anderen physischen Produkte integriert werden.
  • Weitere Kampagnen sollen in Zukunft erscheinen, die dann teilweise auf die Inhalte der Erweiterungen zugreifen, um Spielplan und Gegner darzustellen.

Der deutschen Vertrieb der Fantasy Flight Produkte liegt bei Asmodee.

Link: Fantasy Flight Games


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  • Auf die schnelle habe ich nur die BK Zusammenfassung gelesen und ich muss sagen, dass ich die App recht interessant finde. So könnte das Spiel doch mal ins Haus kommen.

  • Darauf warte ich seit Erscheinen der App für Descent. Ich freue mich. Hoffentlich kommt das Spiel dann auch endlich mal auf den Tisch.

  • Ich freue mich auch schon auf die App.
    Dann kann Ich imp. Assault endlich mit dein Kindern in einem Team spielen. 🙂
    Die deutsche Version der App wird ja leider nicht zeitgleich erscheinen. Asmodee hat die Übersetzung auf Mitte 2018 geschoben.

    Mal schauen ob sie dann alles von Descent übernehmen und es auch einen Challenge Modus geben wird.

  • Ich würde mich freuen wenn das gut angenommen wird. Mit Apps könnte man eine ganze menge machen im TT.

  • Wenn das vernünftig umgesetzt wird, kann es eine tolle Sache für Koop Spiele sein. Würde mir das noch bei diversen anderen Spielen wünschen (z.B. Deadzone)

  • Versteh ich das richtig das man sein Spiel nach der App aufbauen muss?
    Also wenn man keine Eigenen Szenarios darin bauen kann ist’s nur halb so spannend.

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