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Human Interface: Andrea und U-Bolt

Bei Human Interface gibt es demnächst Verstärkung für die Bomber Girls Gang.

Andrea Ubolt

Few weeks ago we’ve shown you Andrea and U-Bolt. Time to unveil models and something else.
Video footage was attached to the personal files of one Andrea Caruso, identified as member of the Bomber Girls gang. Shortly after her act, she fell victim to an assault and battery by unknown perpetrators. Signs at the scene suggest she might have seriously injured at least two of the assailants. Full examination at the hospital was impossible, and no motives can be ruled out.
Later that day, Andrea was wheeled out of the hospital towards an unknown destination by members of her gang. Police officers present at the scene refused to comment. The Bomber Girls hired the best attorney in the city and presented documents granting them the rights to make decisions concerning the victim over the period of her induced coma. A mere 24 hours later the bodies of a Vello Mekanik director along with three bodyguards were discovered. Evidence gathered reveal he was Andrea’s sugar daddy. We suspect she was involved with the theft of corporate account security details…
Lt. Justine Clevel, a RAID44 Investigator during an investigation squad briefing
BTW revised rules are coming.
That’s it for today
The HINT team

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