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Flytrap Factory: Warpod Kickstarter Ankündigung

Flytrap Factory kündigen die Kickstarter Kampagne für ihr Warpod Projekt für September an.

Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 02

Die Kampagne wird laut Plan im September starten und neben der Veröffentlichung der neuen (V2) Warpods auch den Re-Release einiger älterer (V1) Modelle ermöglichen. Im Folgenden einige Informationsschnipsel, die Flytrap auf Facebook bekannt gegeben hat:




Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 09

The Lineup (Protagonists and Antagonists)
Over the coming weeks prior to the campaign launch I’m going to delve into the lore of Warpod and share a fair chunk of information regarding the core factions involved in the Great Calamity as well as the environment and setting in which all of the chaos occurs… the tiny remote planetoid of Destron.

Das Schlachtfeld:


Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 05

The standard table size for the Warpod game is a 1m x 1m, the landscape of Destron is varied, from deep steaming jungles to barren windswept wastelands, mountainous regions through to vast boiling oceans.

Miniaturen & Regeln:


Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 10

This will give you an idea of how the end product will arrive to our people. These are all single piece casts in white metal, the hull/turret/track sections of the Warcrate are all seperate resin pieces with the addons being cast in white metal.

Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 11 Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 08 Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 07 Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 14


At this stage of its development yes Janusz, the models are not multi part, the first wave is all single cast. The vehicles are separate components of resin and white metal. Going metal for the figurines in the upcoming campaign facilitates speed to market and a low entry cost for enthusiasts. Should the campaign exceed expectations we will look to the idea of plastics tooling, but this will be later on down the track.

Brand new flytrap engine for Warpod: Alternating action blends based on failure to maintain initiative. Skirmish sized as in up to Platoon level (per player) with limited ability to go higher… Heavy assets and support elements are present according to narrative driven objectives.

The complete pdf of the rulebook/artbook/history book (in the vicinity of 100-120 pages) will be provided free at this stage to supporters to help counter balance any postage costs. It will be available within 6 months of the campaigns completion along with the full array of miniatures.

Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 13 Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 12 Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 04 Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 06

PODS are approximately 20+mm top to bottom…but they are as round as they are tall (at this size they are 28mm 1:50th scaled)


There are different rifles for each faction. Warpods are divided into two opposing sides Good and Bad or POD and NODE… the NODEs (nullified operating devices) being corrupted by a cataclysmic system virus which turned them against their fellow bots. PODs and NODEs have separately designed rifles, the sub factions on each side (ie-Wrecker/Tinker etc) each have a variant of these rifles associated to them. (our original version one line had them all similarly equipped…this has been rectified in version two, the upcoming campaign)

Warpod: Furon Road

Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 15 Flytrap Factory Warpods KS 16

So it’s been established, Version One ‚Old Skool‘ Warpod vehicles will very likely be reintroduced as addons alongside our slew of Version Two releases (for those who missed out on their release some many moons ago)….will there be an interest also in our as yet unreleased Warpod ‚Furon Road‘ I wonder…. it’s going to be on the cards for serious consideration also.



Quelle: Flytrap Factory auf Facebook

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  • Die Warpod Minis find ich schon lange sehr großartig. Leider war Lieferung aus Neuseeland oder Australien immer abschreckend.

  • Die finde ich ebenfalls sehr süß.
    Da würde ich sogar mal versuchen alles zu pledgen um nur einmal in den sauren Apfel zu beißen und Zoll und Versand zu bezahlen

    • Genau daran musste ich auch denken…und da wir die geplanten neuen Fraktionen bei Rivet Wars wohl nie mehr sehen werden, ist das System hier hoffentlich ein großartiger Ersatz

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