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Firestorm Armada: Galaxy Expansion Kickstarter

Spartan Games haben den Kickstarter für die neue Edition und einen generellen Neuanschub der Firestorm Armada Galaxie gestartet.

Welcome to the Firestorm Galaxy Expansion, an exciting project which takes the Firestorm Galaxy and massively expands it with new products based on a wish-list collected by researching our customers around the world.

The Firestorm Galaxy was first created in 2009 with a simple goal of bringing together highly-detailed starship miniatures in the setting of a dynamic military conflict that is waging across the stars.

Since its early days the game has evolved from its first four races and 16 models to now include many more alien races and offers in excess of 150 models to gamers. The rules evolved to deliver gamers a solid game engine with version 2.0 and the narrative organically grew.

It is now, however, time to take the Firestorm Galaxy to the next level and with your support we will deliver new 3.0 rules, a revamped and improved narrative, new models, new races and much, much more! Everything our customers told us they wanted when they answered our survey.

Want to learn more about the Firestorm Galaxy? Download our primer PDFs and discover more about the exciting setting.

In Response to Fans:

Our Firestorm Expansion is based around several key products, all directly correlating to important data we collected from a survey of Firestorm players. This feedback has allowed us to tailor this Kickstarter to directly meet the needs of existing Firestorm players, and gives us the opportunity to introduce new players to the exciting Firestorm Galaxy via our new 2-player Starter Set.

We have created a number of new products which we feel are perfect for new gamers coming to the Firestorm Galaxy for the first time. Products such as our 2-player Starter Set, latest Firestorm Armada Rulebook and so on. To add to that there are Core Faction Expansion Sets to allow existing players to expand their fleets too!

Let’s look at what is on offer:

2-Player Starter Set

The Harbingers of Desolation, 2-player Starter Set
(Standard Edition)

The Saurian Dominion have returned to once again play a pivotal role in the fate of the Firestorm Galaxy, but first they must deal with an invasion of their home systems by a deadly abomination called the Pathogen, a man-made Artificial Intelligence which consumes all it encounters as its voracious hunger drives to further evolve.

SG Spartan Games Firestorm Expansion Kickstarter 1

These two stunning brand-new fleets come together in our 2-player Starter Set which delivers everything a gamer needs to play an exciting game of startship combat using our Firestorm Armada rules. And for gamers who do not have the time or inclination to paint their models, our Pathogen and Saurian Dominion factions come pre-coloured (see images below), meaning that with the minimal amount of preparation they will be ready for the tabletop.

We are hugely excited by the diametrically opposed aesthetics that these two fleets bring to our 2-player Starter Set. Contents include:

SG Spartan Games Firestorm Expansion Kickstarter 3

Pathogen Models: 1x Assault Carrier, 3x Standard Cruisers, 6x Light Frigates and the new design Pathogen Assault SRS (x2).

Important Note: Our intent is to illustrate the almost ‚random‘ nature of Pathogen mutations by making multiple variants of models in Squadrons.

 SG Spartan Games Firestorm Expansion Kickstarter 2

Saurian (Military Faction) Models: 1x Heavy Battleship, 2x Heavy Gunships, 3x Heavy Frigates and the new design Saurian Interceptor SRS (x1).

Other items in the 2-player Starter Set include: the Firestorm Armada Rulebook (Softback Edition), Harbingers of Desolation Mini Campaign Guide, D6 Dice, Punch-put Space Scenery Sheets (including our massive Saurian Border Defence Space Station), Tokens and Templates.

Check out our rolling Updates for high resolution images of our new races and for our 3D turnarounds which will allow you to view every angle of these fabulous highly-detailed models.

Es gibt auch eine Deluxe-Variante des Starter Sets:

OK, so our 2-player Starter Set is pretty awesome as it is, but we figured we knew how to make it even more amazing! Our Deluxe 2-player Starter Set delivers you everything you get from the standard set and we have added the following fantastic items:

  • Deluxe Token Set (acrylic tokens)
  • Asteroid Scenery Set
  • Upgrade to a Hardback Rulebook
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Model 1: our stunning Saurian Border Station which is 140mm wide!
  • Kickstarter Exclusive Model 2: Pathogen Dreadnought (image to follow)

SG Spartan Games Firestorm Expansion Kickstarter 4

The immense Saurian Border Station is 140mm across!

Außerdem planen Spartan Games das neue 3.0-Regelset:

Since its first release the Firestorm Armada rule system has been embraced by a worldwide audience and is supported by an expansive family of stunning 1/10,000th scale miniatures designed by Spartan Games.

SG Spartan Games Firestorm Expansion Kickstarter 5

With Version 3.0 of the rules we have shifted emphasis to embrace the exciting modern gaming needs of players, and re-aligned the mechanics of the rules to cater for faster gameplay and made room for even more models to be fielded by players. Speed of play and playing bigger games were the two highest requests from the vast majority of players who responded to our survey.

Version 3.0 is a game all about starship combat where such things as interceptors and bombers being deployed by capital vessels in a supporting role. A simple Command & Control system enables players to manipulate their fleets. Fluid dice mechanics speed gameplay and make learning the game easy for novices. Look out for our upcoming Blogs at www.spartangames.co.uk which will give you an insight into the 3.0 rules and what we have changed.

We get asked what gaming area is needed to play Firestorm Armada. With Version 3.0 players choose between three sizes of game: Skirmish, Battle and Warzone. We recommend a gaming space of 4′ x 4′ which is now standard in wargaming, with larger spaces needed to facilitate bigger battles. You can play on smaller 3′ x 3′ tables but be prepared for this to be bloody as ships will very rapidly engage each other.

The length of time needed to play will vary on a number of things, such as size of game and speed at which a gamer plays, but you should expect a game of Firestorm Armada 3.0 to give 60-180 minutes of full-on action.

Softback and Hardback Editions available!

Für die 6 Kernflotten soll es neues Material geben:

We may have created two new fleets, but we’ve not left our Core Factions out in the cold. Our survey told us you wanted more starship models… and that is exactly what we’re creating!

SG Spartan Games Firestorm Expansion Kickstarter 6

We’ve created six box sets, one for each Core Faction, and inside you will find:

  • 1 Large Squadron
  • 1 Medium Squadron
  • 1 Small Squadron

Note: The Squadrons of different races will often contain different numbers of models.

Read our upcoming Core Faction Expansions blog to find out more about our new and exciting models.

Und neue Bücher:

We love the Firestorm narrative, we love our races and our new books will give us the opportunity to deliver our most complete storyline ever to you as we lay open the mighty alliances which dominate the galaxy!

Drawing together everything that has gone before and splicing it together with new storylines we developed in 2016, our major rewrite of past and present events truly sets the scene for the continued evolution of the Firestorm Galaxy.

SG Spartan Games Firestorm Expansion Kickstarter 7

We will deliver this evocative narrative to you in the form of three brand-new books:

  • Book 1: The Alliance of Kurak
  • Book 2: The Zenian League
  • Book 3: Mercenaries and Neutral Factions

Each full-colour book delves deep into the alliances and the races which form them. Starting from their humble beginnings and evolving to their significant role in the modern Firestorm Galaxy, we unveil the social and military structure of key races, detail famous (and infamous) commanders, present short stories of major events in a race’s history and much more.

These books are a must have for all Firestorm Armada Fleet Commanders.

Gelände und ähnliches gibt es auch:

Often overlooked by gamers, scenery can be used to enhance not only the aesthetic of gameplay but can also vastly improve the overall gameplay.

Our Kickstarter scenery will deliver on spacecraft that can be used for scenarios and campaigns (such things as freighters, passenger liners and more), space stations (ranging from simple objectives to vast, sprawling structures), asteroids (basic, military and inhabited), ancient artefacts (it is a large galaxy and many mysteries exist!) and planetoids.

SG Spartan Games Firestorm Expansion Kickstarter 8

Our goal is to help assist you in making your space gaming tables as stunning as possible! So, stay tuned to this part of the Kickstarter as we populate it with more cool models as the campaign develops.

Spartan haben bereits mehrere Add-Ons im ANgebot:

Many exciting products are available to you to add to your Pledge and these are known as Add-Ons.

Just add the appropriate amount of funds to your pledge in Kickstarter to cover the Add-Ons that you want.  Soon after the project has been successfully funded, you will be sent a link to a pledge manager where you will be able to manage your pledge and tell us exactly what you want to receive.  You will also be able to add further funds for more Add-Ons in the pledge manager if you wish.

The following Add-Ons are immediately available:

Damage Record Set [£12] – Designed to be added to our Flight Stands to assist you in recording Hull Damage and Crew Loss. Contains 20x Red + 20x Green Micro Dice and 20 Resin Dice Holders that hold 2x Micro Dice each. The Holders are designed to be retro-fitted to FA Flight Stands and the dice used to easily record Damage and Crew Points lost.

Narrative Books [£14] – Our new books will detail the factions of the Firestorm Galaxy and go into great details about the Alliances which have been forged. We are hugely excited to bring to you hundreds of pages of the best narrative we have ever written for Firestorm. A must for all fans of our galaxy.

Terrain Pack [£15] – Contains A4 or A5 Kiss-Cut Terrain Sheets (Debris, Asteroids, Corrosive Cloud, Gas Pocket, Planetoid, Minefield, Convoy Vessel x3, Objective Station x3). This allows you to get playing with the minimum of expense, populating your battlefield with stylish graphics to enhance your games table’s look without painting anything!

Deluxe Token Set [£15] – Deluxe Acrylic Tokens for use with the Firestorm Armada 3.0 Ruleset. Contents include 12x Activation, 6x Corrosion, 6x Disorder, 3x Defences Offline, 3x Point Defences Offline, 3x Fire Control Offline, 3x Main Drive Failure and 12x Command Points.

Asteroid Scenery Set [£20] – Designed to assist in making your gaming table look awesome, our Asteroid Set brings together a number of detailed asteroid models and modular pieces which allow them to become either civilian or military objectives.

Resin Objective Set [£25] – Contains 3x Objective Stations and 3x Convoy Vessels.

Core Faction Expansions [£35] – Check out our blog which details the awesome new models we have created for our Core Six Factions (Aquan Prime, Dindrenzi Federation, Terran Alliance, Sorylian Collective, Relthoza and Directorate). Six sets to choose from and each includes 1 Large Squadron, 1 Medium Squadron and 1 Small Squadron.

Saurian Battle Force [£75] – Military Faction: 1x Heavy Battleship, 1x Battle Carrier, 1x Heavy Gunship Squadron (2x models), 1x Standard Cruiser Squadron (3x models), 2x Heavy Frigate Squadrons (6x models), 2x Interceptor SRS, 1x Bomber SRS Templates and Tokens, Statistic Sheet, Fleet List and Summary Sheet. This box provides a player with a competitive Fleet for the Saurian Military Faction.

SG Spartan Games Firestorm Expansion Kickstarter 9

Pathogen Battle Force [£75] – 1x Assault Carrier, 1x Standard Battleship, 1x Medium Heavy Assault Ship Squadron (2x models), 1x Standard Cruiser Squadron (3x models), 2x Light Frigate Squadrons (12x models), 4x Assault SRS, Templates and Tokens, Statistic Sheet, Fleet List and Summary Sheet. This box provides players with a competitive Fleet for the odious Pathogen.

SG Spartan Games Firestorm Expansion Kickstarter 10

Our Battle Forces have been designed to be the perfect expansion to our 2-player starter set. Check out our Admiral Pledge which brings together a Deluxe 2-player starter set and BOTH Battle Forces in one truly awesome deal!

Stretch Goals gibt es auch:

£50,000 FUNDED!!
To celebrate we will give all Backers from the Bridge Officer Pledge and above ONE of our A1 Fold-Out Galactic Star Maps.

£60,000 – Unlocks a brand-new Harbingers of Desolation Campaign book which details the Pathogen incursion of Saurian space. Becomes available as an Add-On.

£70,000 – To celebrate we’ll give ONE Campaign Book to all Backers from Ship Captain Pledge and above.

£75,000 – We unlock the Saurian Ruling Elite. This stunning fleet can be used to expand a Saurian Military fleet creating a unified force to fight the Pathogen, or can also be used to fight against the Military in a civil war conflict. Becomes available as an Add-On.

SG Spartan Games Firestorm Expansion Kickstarter 11

£80,000 – Unlocks development of a brand-new Flashpoint Campaign Pack which goes with the Harbingers of Desolation Campaign. The Pack contains maps, dice, tokens and fleet commander documents. Becomes available as an Add-On.

£90,000 – To celebrate we’ll give ONE Flashpoint Campaign Pack to all Squadron Leader, Admiral and Commodore Backer Pledges.

£95,000 – Unlock the new ‚Lesser‘ Mutation Pathogen ships. Before Pathogen vessels reach the pinnacle of their transformation they begin their existence as mutations of existing matter, namely spaceships and their crews from other factions! Our first wave of models will be made up of models made up of a variety ships from different races which are mid-way through being consumed by the Pathogen. And we will let you vote for which ships we should make. Becomes available as several Add-On sets. A sampler pack will be added to Squadron Leader,Admiral and Commodore Backer Pledges.

£100,000 – Unlocks development of our awesome Deluxe Scenery Pack which includes an array of stunning terrain to make your gaming table look fantastic!. The terrain will have a theme that makes it work it ideal for use with the Harbingers of Desolation Campaign. Becomes available as an Add-On.

£110,000 – It is time for the Zenian League to get another faction – the long awaited Illosians. Persecuted by the race which created them, this genetically engineered race is violent and highly militarised. Delivering their own brand of destruction to the Firestorm Galaxy, the Illosians also bring exciting new technologies, such as the Arc Shield. The Illosians become available as an Add-On and we’ll provide Admiral and Commodore Backers with a sampler pack.

£120,000 – To celebrate we’ll give the Deluxe Scenery Pack to all Squadron Leader, Admiral and Commodore Backers.

£150,000 – Unlocks development of a brand-new Strike Force: Harbingers of Desolation Fighter Game. This set brings together Fighters and Bombers and Assault craft from the Saurians and Pathogen in a frenzy of combat. Becomes available as an Add-On.

 £170,000 –  To celebrate hitting this Stretch Goal we will give ONE copy the Strike Force: Harbingers of Desolation Fighter Game to all Admiral and Commodore Backers.

Die Kampagne läuft noch 29 Tage.

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  • Noch vor ein paar Jahren hätte ich mich über die Einführung der im Hintergrund von Firestorm Armada oft erwähnten Saurianer gefreut. Heute lässt mich das leider ziemlich kalt, zumal mich nicht mal eine der beiden neuen Flotten besonders anspricht. Ich denke nicht, dass die in dem Kickstarter viele Strechgoals erreichen werden…

  • Die kleinen Pathogen-Schiffe erinnern mich an… äh…. Rorschachtest? 😉

  • Die Kommentare auf FB zu diesem KS sind jedenfalls ziemlich ernüchternd. Praktisch keiner hat mehr wirklich Vertrauen in Spartan. Und einige warten wohl immer noch auf ihre Sachen aus dem letzten KS.

      • Den NÄCHSTEN Kickstarter anfangen, bevor der letzte veröffentlicht wurde?! Höhöhöhö das machen doch CMON und Konsorten sehr erfolgreich seit Jahren, und da meckert keiner.

        Ich sehe es so (und nein, ich bin keine Kunde bei denen, weil ich das System Kickstarter nicht mag): Wenn Du mit so einem Modell Geld VERDIENEN willst, dann musst Du doch schon an die Zukunft denken, und Geld für „neue“ Investitionen rein holen, bevor der letzte Kram AUSGELIEFERT wurde, oder? Ansonsten gibts Leerlauf und Verlust.
        Läuft in jeder GUTEN Firma so…nennt sich glaube ich Auslastung oder Kapazitäten maximieren..

        Beste Grüße,
        der Uwe

      • Nur… Bei Cmon weiss man dass die liefern und der KS wirklich nur den KS finanziert für den man gezahlt hat. Bei Spartan hangeln sie sich zuerst von den Erlösen einer Welle zu nächsten und haben es inzwischen auf KS verlagert. Ich bin kein Fan von Cmon, aber sie sind auf jeden Fall zuverlässiger

    • Es sind aber auch immer die gleichen fünf Leute die schreien das Firma X oder Y total sche….. ist.

      Was den vorherigen KS angeht muss man sagen das es Verzögerungen gibt, aber es wurde auch immer alles klar in Updates kommuniziert.

      • Wäre es aber nicht gerade ein seriöses Geschäftsverhalten, zuerst mal den vorherigen KS sauber abzuwickeln, bevor man den nächsten Aufruft.
        Klingt – für mich – eher nach verzweifelter Geldbeschaffung und Schneeballsystem…

        Habe selbst eine größere Sorylianerflotte hier im Regal stehen – und mir gefällt das Schlachtschiff der Sauroiden ganz gut, aber „falls“ ich es mir zulege, dann nur aus dem Laden. Kein KS…

      • Grrrrr….meine ANTWORT von oben, sollte eigentlich hier hin, unter „kk“. Sorry dafür und nochmal viele Grüße…

      • Lies mal meinen obigen Link durch… inzwischen spricht sich nur noch ein ganz kleiner Teil für Spartan aus, die Masse der Poster ist einfach nur noch angepisst.

  • Die Sorys waren dran mit Starterbox und neuem Schlachtschiff, und natürlich werden sie übergangen. Danke Spartan.

  • Finde die für das große STartset gewählten Fraktionen dämlich.

    Klassiker Terraner vs. Drindenzi wäre cooler gewesen.

  • Tja, muss da mal der Mehrzahl hier recht geben, KS ist nichts auf dauer.. und nichts für mich!
    leider warte ich immer noch auf den Rest der Zenian League Flotten / Races, da ist auch noch nicht alles gekommen.. auch die Konnzepte der hier gezeigten Schiffe sind nicht besonders ansprechend, sieht eher aus wie abgekupfert (Mischung aus Work Raptors & Marauders…)
    na ja vieleicht schaffen sie die Kurve noch bevor GW was rausbringt (Raumschiffe) oder andere sie überhollen 😉

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