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Dethrone Games: Neue Preview

Dethrone Games präsentieren neue Preview Bilder.

Dethrone Games Neue Preview 01

The main attraction of the worlds largest Pirate Show was Captain Slab. Audiences thought his portrayal was a brilliant act, but no, he was in fact a notorious drunk and in the bag most of the time. But in his defense, he was about as real as you would ever meet unless you took a trip in a time machine. All of the support actors loved him. He never broke character. It was so odd that some pondered if he was the infamous Captain Slabbert, a legendary Pirate from the 1600’s that was rumored to trade his soul for immortality. His lingo, mannerisms and tendency to give an epic speech to inspire plundering and pillaging caused an alternate reality for people that worked with him. Captain Slab would incorporate large numbers of the audience to partake in the show, moving armaments and fortifying his crew as they defended his stronghold from a massive attack. The Captain has a unique ability called “Plunder Rage” that increases his speed and adds an additional attack for his upcoming turn. We are immensely proud of his mini, we feel it captures every bit of his character in a single pose.

Schon etwas älter aber dennoch schick:

Dethrone Games Neue Preview 02

You’ve met Shiv and the Baron, now meet the „Nightmare“!
Most carnivals had a gunslinger but none like “Nightmare” Sanchez. An actual Gunslinger from Mexico, Nightmare’s mark on the Wild West was so dominant no one would challenge him. Although he became a walking Peace Maker some felt he tipped the scales too much and the West wasn’t so wild anymore. So when Joyland approached he was quick to accept, it was time to move on. A consummate entertainer, even in his early days, the highlight of the show was when he shot two targets at the same time with one shot. It was incredible to see and no one knew how he did it. He even shot at spectators cigarettes spontaneously to add comedy to the show. Nightmare was so popular because everything about his show was real, no smoke and mirrors. He could actually shoot better than anyone you ever saw. He was very charismatic and incredibly handsome, anyone that watched him could tell he could of carried a much larger show but he liked an intimate setting.
When it was time to take him down Shiv knew he had to cheat. Shiv’s speed was only equaled by Nightmare’s. Shiv slipped some poison into his whiskey flask which blurred his vision greatly. Even then, Nightmare closed his eyes and gave Shiv a run for his money. Although Shiv ultimately prevailed, Nightmare toyed with him, sometimes shooting Shiv’s knives out of his hands. All attractions at Joyland were hard to defeat, but if the fight was even, Nightmare could of saved Joyland from the wrath of Shiv.
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