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Dawn of Peacemakers: Kickstarter läuft

Ein knuffiges Brettspiel wird gerade auf Kickstarter finanziert.

The designer of the original Dale of Merchants series brings you Dawn of Peacemakers, a story-driven board game experience. Unfold the campaign and discover new and exciting twists and turns as you progress through the story!

Dawn of Peacemakers is the third game from Snowdale Design and it takes place in Daimyria, the world of animalfolks. You will take the role of an adventurer and have to trust and co-operate with your fellow players in order to reach a peaceful conclusion between two warring sides.

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In Dawn of Peacemakers, you are an adventurer trying to achieve a peaceful conclusion between two warring sides together with your fellow players. Your objective is to co-operatively lower the motivations of the scarlet macaws‘ side and the ocelots‘ side in balance and thus exhaust both sides, making them negotiate a truce.

The game’s scenarios are played in rounds. Each round consists of player activity and army resolution. First, all adventurers use resource cards for various effects such as influencing armies, moving around, and scheming.

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After all adventurers have played their turns, the armies will resolve their orders. Each army has different tactics and tricks in their arsenal in each scenario.

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Both the scarlet macaws and the ocelots have a motivation to continue the war. A side’s motivation is lowered by certain order cards and by losing units. If both sides are just close enough to giving up, the sides negotiate a truce and the players win! However, if one side’s motivation drops too much, they surrender and players lose.

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No matter how the scenario ended, players track their progress on the campaign log and always continue to the next one. Keep in mind that your acts have long lasting results on the ongoing war…

You can see the preview of the rulebook by clicking here and the cards by clicking here. As the campaign includes many secrets and surprises, only the first 11 pages of the rules are available. These do not contain any spoilers. We may tweak them slightly based on feedback before the final product is printed. Images and assets are available for press from this link.

Please note that the components in this video are prototype quality and they do not match the final production. For example, any cardboard standees will be replaced by miniatures in the game you will receive.

Dawn of Peacemakers includes sealed containers and secrets. You will encounter many surprises during the campaign letting you reveal these hidden components. There is a certain degree of persistence in the campaign. A simple example is the unique leaders. If any of them are defeated in any given scenario, they aren’t coming back. You will just have to live with the consequences.


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However, none of the game’s components are destroyed or altered so you can replay any scenario as many times as you like. There are countless reasons to do so as each game will result in different experiences based on how the armies interact with each other. There might be other things too to spice things up, but we can’t talk about those without spoiling the fun…

Das ist alles im Pledge drin:

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Und das sind die Stretch Goals:

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Die Kampagne läuft noch 25 Tage.

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