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Darklands: Neuheiten im Juli

Mierce Miniatures haben ihre aktuellen Neuheiten vorgestellt.

MM Mierce Hektor Tekhnomántis Of Ilios

Hektor, Tekhnomántis of Ilios – 12,99 Pfund

The Atalantes gain an arcane metalsmith this month in the rather glorious shape of Hektor, superbly sculpted by Jin Wei from the artwork by Dan Warren. If you’re fielding kolossi of any type, this guy is a must!

MM Mierce Ilios Guard Oplites Of Ilios Unit

Ilios Guard, Oplites of Ilios Unit – 64,99 Pfund

The Oplites (pronounced „op-lit-eez“, don’tcha know) have been sculpted by Jin Wei again from the artwork by Dan Warren again. They’re a great way to get your Atalantes host fielded as they’re Mainstay, of course! The individual miniatures in the unit are Andreas, the champion, and four warriors – Nachor, Kuma, Simon and Amethea.

MM Mierce Dynatos Bull Of Bronze

Dynatos, Bull of Bronze – 39,99 Pfund

Sculpted by Duncan Louca from the artwork by Dan Warren, Dynatos is a huge automaton in the shape of a mighty bronze bull, well able to smash battle lines apart for the Atalantes.

MM Mierce Rudraige The Fat

Rudraige the Fat – 12,99 Pfund

This guy is a powerful warlord of the Érainn, the king of his particular Túath and a big fat git as well. He likes the drink, does Rudraige! Sculpted by Valentin Zak from the artwork by Sam Lamont.

MM Mierce Bholg Of Acaill

Bholg of Acaill – 59,99 Pfund

Even bigger, fatter and gittier are the Fir Bholg Hurlers, able to overpower enemies in close combat and from afar too thanks to the brainballs they sling at the enemy. The Bholg of Acaill are led by Dougal, the champion, and include Feargal and Feargus. They were sculpted by Valentin Zak from the artwork by Sam Lamont.

MM Mierce Ætulla Wiglāca On Foot

Ætulla, Wiglāca on Foot – 12,99 Pfund

Clearly, your Jute Wiglācas are like buses – you wait around ages for one, and two turn up at once! Here’s the hooded version, sculpted by Yannick Hennebo from the artwork by Danny Cruz.

MM Mierce Bareheaded Ætulla Wiglāca On Foot

Bareheaded Ætulla, Wiglāca on Foot – 14,99 Pfund

Sculpted by Yannick Hennebo from the artwork by Danny Cruz, Bareheaded Ætulla – a slaphead, none the less – is a powerful wig-lāca (pun intended) of the Jutes, a sorcerer able to raise the dead!

MM Mierce Wihtwald Wiht Thain On Foot

Wihtwald, Wiht Thain on Foot – 12,99 Pfund

The Jute noble known as Wihtwald – sculpted by Edgar Skomorowski from the artwork by Danny Cruz – is a Wiht Thain, a leader of other Wihts and a powerful warrior in his own right.

MM Mierce Iskarnos Szalamakh

Iskarnos, Szalamakh – 59,99 Pfund

The lovely Iskarnos – converted from Ulmons by Tim Prow and the artwork by Dan Warren – is a cracking edition to the Khthones as he shoots gobbets of intense fire upon their enemies as well as being a monster you don’t want to mess with in a fight!

MM Mierce No Claw's Burrow

No-Claw’s Burrow, Spear-Vras Unit – 64,99 Pfund

Finally, Quick-Blade gets some mates! One of our oldest miniatures, Quick-Blade is joined by six other new Spear-Vras – molerat-men with spears, basically – to form No-Claw’s Burrow, the mainstay of the hosts of the Vras. The individual miniatures in the unit are No-Claw, the champion and for whom his unit is named; a banner bearer, Quick-Blade; a drummer, Fat-Skin; and four warriors, Sharp-Fang , Scar-Belly, Quick-Kill and Fat-Tail. All of these guys were sculpted by Benoît Cosse from the artwork by Stefan Kopinski, Sam Lamont and Dan Warren.

MM Mierce Danilo Cruz

Danilo Cruz, Beast Slayer of Cantabria on Horse – 29,99 Pfund

Danilo Cruz is of course an homage to one of our favourite artists, Danny Cruz! Tasked with drawing himself as his ancestor would be, Danny has done a great job and Juan Navarro Pérez has performed an equally fantastic job to bring Danilo on horse to life. Danilo is a beast slayer and a sell-sword, too, which means any kindred can use his special skills against their enemies‘ monstrosities!

MM Mierce Ysian Great Club Brute Monstrous Infantry Starter Host

Ysian Great Club Brute Monstrous Infantry Starter Host – 149,99 Pfund

We’ve a new starter host for the Ysians this month, thanks to the release of Hammer-Brugg and his Brutes last month. The Great Club Brute Monstrous Infantry Host includes Hammer-Brugg, a unit of five Brutes of Brugg and Torku, a nasty monster indeed. These guys are a perfect start to any Ysian host!

MM Mierce Conjunct X Vivicoct

Conjunct X, Vivicoct – 79,99 Pfund

A product of the Ysian flesh-smith’s insane minds, Conjunct X is an amalgam of monsters found dead upon the battlefield and stitched together to become an altogether different kettle of fish. In perpetual agony, starved and beaten by its Goad-Drunes, Conjunct X is one monster you do not want to come across on the battlefield.

All of the releases above will be officially released on the 5th of August 2017, but you can order them right now!

Watch out for the September releases, which should be unveiled soon!

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