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Dark Age: Neue Previews

Für Dark Age kommen einige neue Preview.

CMoN Dark Age Artworks 1 CMoN Dark Age Artworks 2 CMoN Dark Age Artworks 3

Hey everyone – Bryan here!

So, Saturday’s Live Event was pretty technologically challenged, and someone had messaged us that they were not able to actually get to look at the couple of new art pieces that we previewed.

Well, as that I never like to leave the fans disgruntled for long about something that even we could not have expected… I have decided to give you those two new pieces of art here – the Skarrd Dishonor and the Scourge with a Fell Pack!!!!

To help say we’re sorry about my internet connection that day, we present you all as well with two new **partial model/render teaser previews**!!! Let’s see if you folks can guess what they might be!

So, without further ado…

Und dann gibt es noch ein Preview zum neuen Buch:

CMoN Dark Age Artworks 4

With just over two weeks to go before Dark Age: Skarrd hits the shelves, we want everyone to get ready to grab those 236 pages and get the evolution of the rules and the Dark Age narrative!

Because here at Dark Age we believe strongly in giving sneak peeks and exciting previews, we grabbed a few pages of story lore and are letting you fans have a short read to whet your appetites for more!

Get ready… there are some VERY important things that happen in the stories found in Dark Age: Skarrd, and clever readers will discover some truly interesting hints at the future!

Take a few minutes and read these “random” story pages! (Just kidding, they aren’t random… Bryan chose them based on maximum awesome with minimum spoilers!)


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  • Dark Age ist in meinen Augen echt der neue Stern am TT-Himmel!

    Die Minis schlagen quasi alles andere, das Setting ist extrem cool und die Regeln sind auch super…
    kommt noch hinzu, dass man nicht viel Geld für den Einstieg braucht und dass man mit den vielen Unterfraktionen innerhalb jeder Fraktion eine große Vielfalt und Auswahl bei der Gestaltung der eigenen Truppe hat.

    Einfach das perfekte Rundum-Paket!

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