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Crooked Dice: Scooter Preview und 7TV Box

Crooked Dice zeigt Bilder der im August erscheinenden Scooter und einer Box zur Aufbewahrung von Karten und Tokens im 7 TV Design.

Crooked Dice Scooter 02 Crooked Dice Scooter 03 Crooked Dice Scooter 04 Crooked Dice Scooter 01


 Crooked Dice Scooter 05


Scooter Gang

Here’s a preview of August’s release… Escape your dead-end job and ride your scooter to the coast for a brawl with some Rockers. Three scooters and riders (plus the scooter is available separately) sculpted by Paolo Fabiani. Out on 01 August.

Spätestens seit Quadrophenia wissen wir, das Roller oder Scooter cool sind. Crooked Dice veröffentlicht folgerichtig einen Scooter und drei Fahrer.

Crooked Dice Box 01 Crooked Dice Box 03 Crooked Dice Box 02

Crooked Dice Box 04 Crooked Dice Box 05 Crooked Dice Box 06

7TV Box – 15,00 GBP

Need somewhere to keep your 7TV cards and tokens? Well then how about this little MDF marvel? It’s a lockable box with storage for all your tokens, countdown and gadget decks and at least 75 profile cards.

Designed by Lasercut Architect’s delightful Darrell Henson, I hope to get these on pre-order from 01 August for delivery in September for £15 a box. Who’s interested?

Check out more of Darrell’s range here: https://www.lasercutarchitect.co.uk




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