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Chronicles: Neu auf Kickstarter

Bei Kickstarter strebt mal wieder ein neues Miniaturenspiel nach Finanzierung.

Chronicles: The Game is a tabletop fantasy miniature strategy game and the first of its kind Online Community Role Playing Game (OCRPG). As a miniature strategy game, two players will command armies of finely crafted, single-piece miniatures representing the powerful factions of the world of Indagar, waging battle to claim victory.

In the OCRPG, you can get involved with other players around the world both on and off the tabletop: build your Faction’s power, drive the storyline of Indagar from season to season, and create the strongest miniature gaming community ever conceived through artwork and narrative contributions, political outreach, and military conquest.

HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 1 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 2

By pledging for our Starter Box, you’ll receive a starter army of unpainted miniatures and all the pieces needed to play; just pick your faction! Our Combi-Box Pledge will get you both factions! Further, in either box you will receive the rules, dice, and battle compendium book.

HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 3 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 4

All Models are single piece miniatures, but come unpainted. As a post-Kickstarter extra, the artist seen on all our material has a standing contract with us to paint any minis for you. (See Post-Kickstarter Extras)

Starter Box Details:

The Chronicles Starter Box will come with all the miniatures, cards, rules, dice, and tokens of your chosen faction that you need to start playing. The miniatures are ready to play right out of the box: single piece and already on their bases. The Combi-Starter Box offers an even better deal: a great split between you and a friend, providing you with two factions-worth of miniatures and cards so that you can start right away. Further, all pledges come with early access to the OCRPG, enabling you to get involved with the community to start building the story before Season 1: The Ashes of Konagara even begins. Our stretch goals will allow us to expand the number of factions and fill out the model lines for each faction so that Chronicles can grow and offer more options for building your army far into the future.

Kingdom of Arkland Faction Starter Box contains:

  • 1 x Lord Commander (Limited Edition Pose)
  • 1 x Sergeant
  • 12 x Warriors of the Realm (6 x Female, 6 x Male)
  • 1 x Paladin
  • 3 x Scout Cavalry
  • 14 x Arkland Command Cards
  • 5 x Arkland Tokens
  • 5 x Model Cards (1 for each Model Type)

Great Forest Tribes Faction Starter Box contains:

  • 1 x Chieftain
  • 2 x Bear Shaman (Limited Edition Pose)
  • 1 x Werebear
  • 10 x Tribe Warriors
  • 5 x Tribe Wildguard
  • 5 x Berserkers
  • 14 x Tribe Command Cards
  • 5 x Tribe Tokens
  • 5 x Model Cards (1 for each Model type, Shamans transform into the mighty Werebear and have the same card)

Each Starter Box and Combi-Starter Box contains:

  • 1 x  Chronicles: The Game Rulebook (32 pages)
  • 1 x Chronicles: The Game Battles Compendium (12 pages)
  • 1 x Measuring Template
  • 40 x Chronicles Dice (10 x Orange, 10 x Yellow, 6 x Blue, 3 x White, 8 x Black, 3 x Red)

HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 5 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 6 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 7 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 8


You can get anything found in our Starter Boxes to expand your army, à la carte, with your Pledge! Finally, a miniature game where you can buy exactly what you want instead of large boxes of things that you don’t!

HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 9

o add any Add-On, just click the „Manage Your Pledge“ button on the Chronicles: The Game Kickstarter page and in the pledge manager increase your pledge by your desired amount.

We’ll sort out what your extra money is going towards after the Kickstarter is funded, as we proceed with fulfillment.

*Note that any item marked as a “Limited Edition Pose” may have overrun production, and will only be available following the Kickstarter at conventions or special promotions until all stock is depleted.*

Post Kickstarter Extras:

These are NOT available during the Kickstarter as Add-Ons. DO NOT INCREASE YOUR PLEDGE FOR THEM.

HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 10

The prices for painted miniatures are on top of the cost of purchasing a starter box, and is approximately $6/mini.

We have often been asked if our miniatures can come painted or how someone could get ahold of terrain or a great game mat. So, we’re offering these post Kickstarter extras for anyone who would like them.

The artist responsible for all the painted minis you see everywhere, including the video, has agreed to a great price to paint your minis. Further, all the terrain, game mat, and houses you see in our videos are also being offered as an all-in-one package.

To get these items, we will send out information after the Kickstarter to all backers with links and information on how to purchase!

Und jetzt wird es etwas spezieller:

Online Community RPG

“Engaging you on AND off the Tabletop!” 

Happy Gorilla Game Studio, the maker of Chronicles: The Game, is a small company with a huge dream… to build not only a great game, but the strongest, most innovative gaming community possible! The OCRPG is our way to put the community first and foremost in Chronicles.

What is the OCRPG?

The OCRPG is a first of its kind innovation to empower player involvement in a gaming community. It is an online social platform where anyone who wants to be involved in shaping Indagar, the world of Chronicles, can create an account and begin creating their own destiny. Your account represents your character and pledges to one of the Factions of Chronicles.You will use this account to interact as part of the community and also to help progress the storyline of Chronicles from season to season.

With an OCRPG account, you can connect with other members in the Chronicles community, including the developers of the game, using a familiar social platform. You can post art or browse the gallery, read player submitted narratives, like posts and comments, ask or answer rules questions, and even use it to find players in your area to battle. You can also use it to discover new podcasts, artists, YouTube channels, and to buy or sell player made Chronicles gear, even alternative sculpts of models!

More importantly, you can use it to keep track of the current standings of every Faction in Indagar as they progress, and the decisions of Faction leadership (who are ACTUAL PLAYERS!) will determine how the ongoing storyline of Chronicles progresses each season.

We want to encourage the passion that players put into tabletop gaming, and create a place for all of that energy to contribute to the ever evolving story of Chronicles!

Play, paint, write, create, politic, and more…

With your OCRPG account, you can do all the things that we all already love to do with our favorite miniature games, but you will earn experience points for doing it!

  • Do you love to paint and want to show others you work, or maybe even post a guide on how to paint? Earn experience for that!
  • Do you love to write stories and want to be involved in creating what could be actual canon? Earn experience for that!
  • Do you love to scratch build models or even want to build AND SELL your own alternate Chronicles sculpts? Earn experience for that!
  • Do you enjoy running your own Podcasts, YouTube Channel, blog, or community outreach? Earn experience for that!
  • Do you like to help others by answering rules questions, get embedded in game design discussion or general gaming nerdiness? Earn experience for that!
  • Do you run or attend local events, tournaments, or conventions? Earn experience for that!
  • Do you want to play and help us continue tuning the game by recording your game results, or help determine just who the best players in the world are? Earn experience for that!

As your account levels up, so too does your value to your Faction! To progress the story in the direction they want, Faction Leaders will NEED strong community members to excel in the areas of Art, Narrative, Politics, and Military.

Each Season, the Factions will be presented with story options to define their goals, and they will need YOU to be apart of that success by earning experience and participating in the community. What happens as a result of a season becomes actual canon in the story of Chronicles and sets the stage for the next chapters. Heroes will be born, and cites may burn!

HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 11

Entire Factions may be sent into exile! Your Faction might be the next super power on Indagar! Even if you don’t play Chronicles, you can still be involved in supporting the community and fueling your Faction.

HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 12 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 13

Chronicles: The Game is a fantasy, miniature strategy game where players will enact battles on the tabletop using armies they have constructed.

Chronicles the Game features the following innovations for miniature game players:

  • Custom d10 dice means Chronicles has no charts, tables, or math!
  • Single piece, 32 mm miniatures so you can play right away.
  • The Dynamic Unit Formation (DUF) provides the tactical maneuver of a skirmish style game while providing the speed and scale necessary for a full blown war game!
  • Chronicles is won and lost on smart choices and outmaneuvering your opponent, not on random dice rolls and luck.
  • Free form movement, not restricted by squares, templates, or unit formations, allows you to get the most out of the movement-based tactics of the game.
  • The Chronicles Rulebook is tiny in comparison to most miniature games of its scale. It’s easier to understand and is designed to be accessible by anyone.
  • Chronicles’ terrain rules are very simple, innovative, and effective, creating a fast game play experience while utilizing all your battlefield terrain. No more balancing your models on your beautiful terrain!
  • Chronicles uses simple-to-understand cards that represent the abilities of models, and a single Faction card to describe the rules for your Faction. You don’t need a large tome of rules at your tabletop to play with your Faction.

HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 14

Living Rules  

Chronicles will feature a truly living ruleset. Each season, a new copy of the printed rules will be made available with the current updates. During each season, the Chronicles rules are also freely available on our searchable wiki!

This wiki will be updated on demand, with answers to frequently asked questions or clarifications. You won’t be left in the dark about necessary rules updates or fixes! Those changes will then become part of the printed rules for the next season’s book.

The same is true of all model and faction cards. The wiki can be updated on the fly to apply fixes, and the printed materials will be updated at the start of each season.

Standard and Online Mode  

The OCRPG can affect your tabletop games as well. Should you and your opponent choose to play using Online Mode, your armies will be built according to the current happenings of the season in the OCRPG. This might restrict you to certain builds, models, or strategies. It might also provide new season specific scenarios!

Of course, you can always just choose to play using Standard Mode, which is the game as-is.

What else for players?  

In combination with the OCRPG, players earn experience points for reporting battle results, attending tournaments, and becoming their faction’s champion. We can use this data to establish player rankings and leaderboards while improving our game!

Stretch Goals:

HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 15 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 16 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 17 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 18 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 19 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 20 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 21 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 22 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 23 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 24 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 25 HGGS Happy Gorilla Games Chronicles The Game Kickstarter 26

Die Kampagne läuft noch 25 Tage.

Quelle: Chronicles: The Game


Chefredakteur und Betreiber von Brückenkopf-Online. Seit 2002 im Hobby, erstes Tabletop Warhammer Fantasy (Dunkelelfen). Aktuelle Projekte: Primaris Space Marines, Summoners (alle Fraktionen), Deathmatch, Deadzone/Warpath (Asterianer und Enforcer), diverse Raumschiffe und allerlei Mechs.

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  • Interessantes Konzept aber ich komme nicht umhin zu denken dass sie sich da vielleicht etwas übernehmen.

    Den Spielern die volle Kontrolle über Politik etc. zu lassen klingt interessant, aber ob das gut geht weiß ich nicht… erinnert mich etwas an EVE Online und Legend of the Five Rings. Und da entzündeten sich bei Entscheidungen häufig die Gemüter der Spieler was zu sehr viel Stress innerhalb der Community geführt hat.

    Ich hoffe sehr dass ihr Konzept aufgeht, bleibe aber skeptisch.

    Die Miniaturen selbst sind nett. Aber leider mehr nicht. Und die Fraktionen sind eher Standard. Das Goal der Finanzierung wirkt mit recht niedrig bemessen, aber schön wenn sie damit auskommen!

  • Wow…

    Ich hätte ne Buzz-Word-Bingo Vorwarnung gebraucht.

    „Next generation of miniture wargameing…“
    „Great and accessible…“
    „Most innovative…“
    „Fast and intuitive…“

    Das mit dem Wiki und der beeinflussbaren Lore ist interessant. Aber das Verbrennen von Plasikgussrahem wäre nicht nötig gewesen um seinen Punkt klar zu machen.

    Bei dem KS wäre ich eher skeptisch. Auch aus den Gründen die Hab0r aufgezählt hat.

    • Das hab‘ ich mir auch gedacht – und dann noch eine neue Genre-Abkürzung und „the first of its kind“, obwohl das Konzept jetzt nicht bahnbrechend neu ist. Das Projekt scheint mir eher was für PR- und Marketing-Liebhaber zu sein.

      Wobei die Minis schon ganz hübsch sind!

  • Da ist aber ein gewaltiger Unterschied zwischen den Rendern und den physischen (Test)Figuren… die sehen eher nach Mageknight aus…

  • Schönes Konzept (Hintergrund, Spielerbeteiligung [erinnert mich ein bisschen an das DSA als ich da noch aktiv war], etc.). Skirmishern bin ich allerdings grundsätzlich eher negativ gegenüber eingestellt.

    LG Ralf

  • Fürchterliches Konzept…

    – Living Rules
    – Online Community

    Es gibt sicherlich einige, denen sowas gefällt, und das ist auch OK. Ich persönlich spiele ja Tabletops, eben weil ich nicht ständig online sein möchte, sondern mich direkt mit meinen Freunden/Mitspielern austauschen möchte. Dieses gemisch mag ich nicht. Dazu ist für das, was hier angestrebt wird, das Funding enorm niedrig angesetzt. Da kann eigentlich nichts qualitativ hochwertiges bei rumkommen. Auch an dem Punkt wäre ich hier sehr skaptisch.

  • Ja, da klingeln alle Warnsignale. Schade, finde die Barbaren ganz schick. Aber die Wahrscheinlichkeit, dass das nix wird ist mir zu hoch,zumal 75 USD für einen Faction starter mir auch einen Ticken zu hoch fürs Glückspiel ist.

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