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Chronicle X: Neue Previews

Archon Studio zeigen weitere Bilder für Chronicle X.

AS Archon CHronicle X Preview 1

Colonel Atticus Blackwood stole the world’s first mind control device, using the apparatus on the men and women under his command and literally worked them to death. He became a freelance mercenary, a man few were willing to hire and none would risk crossing. Chronicle X reluctantly accepted his services (with a short leash), as his ability to not only read but control the Grays’ minds was a talent too valuable to deny.

AS Archon CHronicle X Preview 2

The clever species known only as “the Grays” was once on the precipice of self-destruction. Over the ages their society slowly began to value deception above all else. Reality shows full of tricks and pranks, each more malicious than the last, topped the ratings until little else remained on their broadcasts. Their culture placed the greatest liars and the most convincing con-men on pedestals, until respect could not be earned unless it was gained at the expense of others. It could not last; a civilization of charlatans was unsustainable. Power grids and other utilities failed as workers vainly attempted to raise their standing over their supervisors. Governments across their world ceased to function, gridlocked amidst suspicion and mistrust, until anarchy reigned in every land.

The Grays proved incapable of evolving beyond their deceitful competitions and left to their own devices, they would have surely perished. They were saved by their first contact with life from another planet, the Ulari. The Ulari were intelligent but naive explorers who were delighted to discover a new species, even one not capable of space travel. Tallack, one of the Grays few remaining leaders, saw a unique opportunity in the Ulari to not only save his people, but to pull the greatest con in history. Tallack used his influence to ensure he and his agents were the only ones to interact with the Ulari. He greeted them as friends, dined with them in his great hall and then murdered every single one of them with horrifying efficiency. Still soaked in Ulari blood, Tallack made a proclamation that spread around the world.

“The Grays have been fools,” he said. “While we squabble amongst ourselves, our greatest achievements, our most extraordinary victims, live above us. Let no Gray seek to deceive another; that chapter has ended. We will work as one, and together, we shall rule the universe!”

The message resonated with the Grays and trust and cooperation (as well as an entire starship of stolen technology) ushered in a new era for them as a species. There were holdouts to the old ways, but Tallack quickly snuffed them out, ever guiding his people toward their bright new future. In just a generation, the Grays created an armada of spacecraft and soon after their entire planet emptied. Each individual was eager to do their part in taking the universe for everything it had, regardless of who owned it first.

AS Archon CHronicle X Preview 3 AS Archon CHronicle X Preview 4 AS Archon CHronicle X Preview 5

Let us tell you a bit about the game board on which Chronicle X is played! The game board is made up of 4 tiles set out in a 2×2 formation. The core game offers 6 tiles to choose from, allowing the player several options to lay out the board and utilize the terrain to their advantage.
Each tile has a unique layout that features several battlefield features that both the heroes and alien players can utilize to gain the upper hand during a mission. These include buildings (you can hide in them), squares which provide advantages or disadvantages, squares which can be searched for materials you can use to upgrade equipment etc.

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