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Bushido: The Imperials

Weitere Ronin kommen für Bushido, die Imperials, außerdem wird ein Token-Set gezeigt.

GCT Stuidos Bushido Yizhi Ronin 1

Yizhi – Ronin

Yizhi of the three sisters is a nightmare for opponents that like to plan their lines of attack, her speed and unpredictability means such plans fail by her first onslaught. Yizhi chooses when and where she will engage the enemy. Any that attempt to isolate and pick off one of her sisters are likely to quickly find themselves outnumbered. During their long hunt they have learned the importance of supporting each other.

GCT Stuidos Bushido Xi Ronin

Xi – Ronin

Xi’s driving motivation is to ensure her sister’s safety. Whilst she shares her sisters desire to bring the brothers to justice and see them pay for their crimes she does not prioritise it over the wellbeing of Yangjing or Yizhi. Her heritage always made her feel like an outsider in the courts of the empire and she has found great self worth being the sword arm of her sisters frustrating their would be attackers with perfectly orchestrated defence.

GCT Stuidos Bushido Yangjing Ronin

Yangjing – Ronin

Yanjing is a formidable warrior in her own right. From a young age she had an affinity to the bow and her skills are impressive. Her calm zen archery produces impressive results, the arrows whispering across the battlefield as quietly as the falling blossom. Her ability to heal her sisters is of vital importance to their mission and without it they would have had to have given up on their quarry a long time ago.

GCT Stuidos Bushido Golden Sentinel Ronin

Golden Sentinel – Ronin

The Golden Sentinels are the bodyguards of the Emperor’s clan, guarding the family on their travels, in their homes and in court. They also serve as escorts to his Teishin as they journey his Empire spreading his holy word. If the Teishin of the Imperial court are the Emperors voice in distant more barbaric lands, then the Golden Sentinels serve as his shield, all proven warriors, sworn to protect their charges with their lives if needed. However, such is the size of the Golden Empire that Imperial missions and postings can often take many seasons to complete not taking into account the travel across the great empire and so often the Sentinels can sometimes take on the local customs and in rare circumstances become embroiled in the affairs of locals.  

GCT Stuidos Bushido Token Set

Bushido Token Set

High quality punch board tokens for Bushido the game: New Dawn.

  • x30 Ki tokens
  • x12 Tired/exhausted tokens
  • x42 Other assorted double sided tokens

Quelle: GCT Studios


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  • Also, ist das eine neue Fraktion für dieses Spiel? Sieht toll aus, aber ich bin verrückt nach alles mit dem Samuraithema.

    • Das werden wohl Söldner sein. Links am Rand sieht man die Symbole der Fraktionen von denen sie angeheuert werden können. Ob man sie auch alleine als Fraktion spielen kann weiss ich jetzt gerade nicht. Ich habe mich mit dem Spiel nur am Rande beschäftigt.

  • Beim letzten „Söldner“ gab es unterschiedliche Profilkarrrn, passend zu den durch Symbole angegebenen Fraktionen.

    Punktetechnisch werden die 3 wohl nicht als komplette Fraktion ausreichen wenn nicht weitere Söldner folgen – aber die wird man dann wohl als Söldner in der Tradition der entsprechenden Fraktion spielen können.

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