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Bolt Action: Neue Chindits

Warlord Games haben neue Chindits für Bolt Action in ihrem Shop.

Bolt Action Neue Chindits 01 Bolt Action Neue Chindits 03 Bolt Action Neue Chindits 02

Great Britain’s armies had suffered cruelly at the hands of the ferocious Japanese assaults of 1941 and 1942, leading some to think of the simple Japanese soldier as an invincible foe in the steaming jungles of the Far East.

Brigadier Orde Wingate thought otherwise, organising long penetration columns of British, Indian and Burmese troops to plunge unsupported behind the Japanese lines and raise havoc on the road rail and supply trains.

This box set contains a metal 10-man section:

  • NCO with rifle
  • 2-man Bren gun LMG team
  • 7 riflemen

He chose regular soldiers – the King’s Liverpool Rifles and Gurkhas, for instance – and trained them for astonishingly arduous marches and vicious battles with a ruthless enemy. They raided the Japanese where they would be least expected, carrying all they needed on their backs and on the backs of their trusty mules, and receiving essential supplies by air drops where possible.

Preis: 15.00 GBP

Bolt Action Neue Chindits 04 Bolt Action Neue Chindits 05

Carrying as little as possible, they developed a fast, hit-and-run style of warfare that was very different from the kind of battles fought elsewhere.

This blister pack contains 3 metal Chindit close quarter fighters.

Preis: 5.00 GBP

Bolt Action Neue Chindits 06 Bolt Action Neue Chindits 07

Fighting both the Japanese forces and the dense jungle can takes it toll but even when they are injured you can’t count these men out, they’ll come back to the fight.

This blister pack contains 3 metal Wounded Chindits.

Preis: 5.00 GBP

Bolt Action Neue Chindits 08 Bolt Action Neue Chindits 09

Using their knowledge and specialist training, these Burmese scouts perform vital reconissance missions and gather important intel.

This blister pack contains 2 metal Burmese Scouts.

Preis: 4.00 GBP

Bolt Action ist unter anderem bei unseren Partnern Radaddel und Fantasy Warehouse erhältlich.

Die deutschsprachige Community zu Bolt Action erreicht ihr unter BoltAction.de.

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