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Pulp City: Spotlight on Dark Solar

Pulp City hat ein neues Spotlight über Dark Solar.


Ahau Kin’s ultimate avatar Dark Solar combines the destruction of the dark and the renewal of the light in one perfect package. To achieve the full power of Ahau Kin Johann Sonnenbrandt must enter a meditative state, opening himself to the power of the ancient sun god and also embracing his darkest impulses. Becoming Dark Solar takes a toll on Johann and he will only risk the transformation in the direst of circumstances.

As a Level 3 Leader, Dark Solar is a deadly fighter offering some powerful Team boosts. His Darkness and Light elements make him Strong against Darkness, Light, Living and Outsider models. In addition all of his Actions benefit from Strong/All, and with Flight he typically rolls 3 to 4 dice with Attacks. His main attack Action is his Sun Ray, a Range 6 Ray Action with Damage 1 as the basic and extra effects. Solar Smash is a Close Combat Action with base Damage of 2. Finally, his most powerful ability is Night Sun, a Pulse 6 Attack causing 1 Damage. What makes this stand out is that every model damaged by Night Sun grants Dark Solar a Power Up die. Use this first to amass a large pool of Power Up Dice then later unleash them all on a priority target.

Dark Solar’s Powers focus on strengthening his Team. Touch of the Dark Sun grants Nature Supremes +1 Die to all Action Rolls while within 4 inches of Dark Solar. Though beware as this also benefits Enemy models. Additionally it grants Dark Solar +1 Die on his Energy Actions, Night Sun and Sun Ray. Dark Solstice gives Dark Solar or a Friendly Nature Supreme 1 Power Up die during his first Activation in each Round. A solid fighter with very good Traits both for offense and defense means that Dark Solar will always be in the front lines.


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