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Pulp City: November Releases

Bei Pulp City gibt es Neues im Webstore!

PC_Pulp_City_November_2016_Releases_1 PC_Pulp_City_November_2016_Releases_2 PC_Pulp_City_November_2016_Releases_3

PC_Pulp_City_November_2016_Releases_4 PC_Pulp_City_November_2016_Releases_5 PC_Pulp_City_November_2016_Releases_6 PC_Pulp_City_November_2016_Releases_7

November wave of new releases! This month we continue new releases as well as putting the first selection of Cold War minis into the web-store (all from the Supreme Alliance).

Twilight (new; Level 2, Coven and The Way) €8.00
Bramble (Level 2, Settler’s Green and Freelancer) €8.00
Spybreaker (Level 3, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Aquanaut (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Battlesuit 7 (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
E.C.T.O. (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00
Sabotage (Level 2, Supreme Alliance) €8.00

With this wave we are trying something new, recognising that recent changes around the world have affected our fans. Therefore, we are happy to launch this wave of minis at a temporarily reduced price – each at €8.00 instead of the usual €9.95. This offer will last until the next wave is released! 🙂

BONUS: we almost forgot to add that Pulp City fans can now pick up alt cards for Chernobog, Perun (Cold War) and Sister Bedlam through the ‚Special Cards‘ item on the store!

Link: Pulp City

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