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Laser Cut Card: Variable Geometry Scendship

Von Laser Cut Card kommt eine landefähige Kapsel.

LCC_Laser_Cut_Card_Variable_Geometry_Scendship_1 LCC_Laser_Cut_Card_Variable_Geometry_Scendship_2 LCC_Laser_Cut_Card_Variable_Geometry_Scendship_3

LCC_Laser_Cut_Card_Variable_Geometry_Scendship_4 LCC_Laser_Cut_Card_Variable_Geometry_Scendship_5

Variable Geometry Scendship – 15,95 Dollar

The Variable Geometry Scendship is an efficient way to move units between orbit and planetary surfaces. It is capable of dropping from any altitude to the surface and then, after deploying it’s three engine pods, returning to orbit. It can ascend and descend and hence the name: scendship.

This kit is made from layers of 1mm heavy card with plastic tubing for the arm hinges.

It comes supplied unassembled and unpainted in a flat pack

Quelle: Laser Cut Card


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