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Ironwatch: Ausgabe 49

Die neue Ausgabe des Ironwatch Magazins ist da.


Table of Contents:

Iron Forge  6
See the amazing array of top tier paintjobs from our team of professional-quality painters.

The Mantic Calendar 12
Learn what Mantic related events and tournaments are upcoming in your area.

Advertisements 88
Our section where you can advertise your local Mantic game group or store for free!

Kings of War, Dungeon Saga, and Dwarf King’s Hold:

The Order of Maurice Episode 2: Friends of Necessity, by Ben Stoddard         14
Upon landing in the cursed Star-Struck City, our kidnapped thief soon finds why so few make it out alive with the riches of the city

Road to the Rumble part 3, by David Reid 22
This time, David walks us through how to tweak and refine the tone of your tournaments, to make sure your players are having fun

The Brotherhood of Darkness, by Donn Turner 26
Seeking shelter from a storm, a disgraced knight meets a stranger, who speaks of his accomplishments and the glory he is destined for

A Free Dwarf, A Sea Kindred, And A Sylvan Kindred Enter A Bar, by “Dorf_Pally_Dan” 36
A dwarf soon finds himself in trouble after his Elven treasures are noticed by the tavern’s Elven patrons

Questonomics, by Dennis Browning-Saunders 42
While working on his current contract, a necromancer teaches his assistant about the fine points of heroes and their resulting gold economy

The Inquisition, Part 1, by Donn Turner and Alex Younger 48
A secretive Basilean organization, this article lays out the history of the hidden investigators and warriors, and how to use them in KoW games

Queensland Northern Knights presents Kings of War: Apocalypse, by Ken—”dunsforddownunder”        69
These Australian players break the record for the largest game of Kings of War ever played, with a total size of one hundred thousand points!

Warpath, Project Pandora, Dreadball, and Deadzone:

Deadzone: The Cleansing, Part 5, by Matthew Lindsay       77
The Enforcers plan their attack, as they prepare to enter into a Deadzone swarming with Plague in order to retrieve vital recordings within

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