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Forge World: Neue Tau

Von Forge World kommen neue Modelle für die Tau.

FW_Forge_World_Tau_Barracuda_Strike_Cadre_1 FW_Forge_World_Tau_Barracuda_Strike_Cadre_2 FW_Forge_World_Tau_Barracuda_Strike_Cadre_3

FW_Forge_World_Tau_Barracuda_Strike_Cadre_4 FW_Forge_World_Tau_Barracuda_Strike_Cadre_5 FW_Forge_World_Tau_Barracuda_Strike_Cadre_6

Tau Barracuda AX-5-2 – 80,00 Pfund

To combat the ever-increasing diversity of enemies faced by the expanding Tau Empire, the AX-5-2 Barracuda was developed as a multi-role fighter by the Earth Caste of the Vash’ya Sept. This new pattern maintained the unmatched agility and manoeuvrability of its forebears, but benefitted from an improved power grid and enhanced combat avionics systems, as well as a variable weapons fit so that it could be rearmed swiftly between missions.

The Tau Barracuda AX-5-2 is an advanced fighter suitable for both aerial combat and ground attack missions. It can be armed with a Heavy Burst Cannon, Barracuda Ion Cannon or Swiftstrike Railgun. It carries twin missile pods, multiple seeker missiles, a pair of Gun Drones mounted with either Long-barrelled Cyclic Ion Blasters or Long-barrelled Burst Cannon and a Decoy Drone. All of these options are included for you to choose from when sending your Barracuda into battle. The kit features multiple fitting points for magnets which you may choose to use to allow you to easily swap weapons systems, and also optional raised or lowered landing gear. The detailed construction guide includes guidance on suitable magnet sizes you may wish to use.

This is a complete, multi-part resin model which includes a large oval flying base.


Tau Barracuda Strike Cadre – 160,00 Pfund

As the skies above the battlefields of the 41st Millennium become ever more full of fighter aircraft and their crossing trails of weapons fire, the Tau Septs field increasing numbers of Barracuda AX-5-2’s to claim superiority over the air and suppress their foes ground forces. The Barracudas variable weapon load outs make it a versatile fighter suitable for both aerial combat and ground attack missions.

This bundles consists of two Tau Barracuda AX-5-2. Each comes with multiple weapon options to fill a variety of battlefield roles.

FW_Forge_World_Tau_Experimental_Battlesuit_Cadre_1 FW_Forge_World_Tau_Experimental_Battlesuit_Cadre_2 FW_Forge_World_Tau_Experimental_Battlesuit_Cadre_3

FW_Forge_World_Tau_Experimental_Battlesuit_Cadre_4 FW_Forge_World_Tau_Experimental_Battlesuit_Cadre_5 FW_Forge_World_Tau_Experimental_Battlesuit_Cadre_6

Tau Experimental Battlesuit Cadre – 247,00 Pfund

Tau Battlesuits come in many sizes. They are each flexible enough to take on many threats, and the Tau Empire has a vast number of styles of battlesuit to call on as the situation demands, each a deadly weapon of war, working at their best when supported by weapon equipped drones.

This bundle consists of one XV107 R’Varna Battlesuit, one XV109 Y’Vahra Battlesuit, one XV9 Battlesuit with twin linked burst cannon, one XV9 Battlesuit with phased ion guns, and one XV9 Battlesuit with fusion cascades.

Quelle: Forge World


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  • Das er dazu auch noch richtig gut überarbeitet wurde der TS sollte zudem auch genannt werden.
    Die haben da echt ein sehr gelungenes Redesign geschaffen….

  • Gute Modelle für die Tau von FW. Vor allem beim Baracuda bin ich sehr davon angetan, dass man da gleich eine Möglichkeit für das Magnetisieren der Waffen vorgesehen hat. Gefällt mir alles, was ich da sehe.

  • Schöne Modelle, auch wenn ich kein GW spiele. Die Tau wissen zu gefallen und das man die Waffen gut magnetisieren kann, ist doch ziemlich freundlich gegenüber dem Spieler.

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