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Crooked Dice: Neue Villains

Crooked Dice Game Design Studio zeigen  neue Villians Miniaturen.

Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_06 Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_05 Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_04

Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_03 Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_02 Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_01

Today’s Villains 2 preview is the Double Agent. Don’t tell the others but this might be my favourite.

Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_10 Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_09 Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_08 Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_07

Next up from the Villains 2 set – the Faithful Lackey.

Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_12 Crooked_Dice_Neue_Villains_11

Later this month we are releasing our Villains 2 set. Here’s a preview of the prints and renders for the Jack Booted Sadist.


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