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Bloodstone Frontier: Kickstarter läuft

Heute wollen wir euch den Bloodstone Frontier Kickstarter, der gerade läuft vorstellen.


Bloodstone Frontier is a tabletop skirmish game using high-quality resin figures, which is set in a pioneer-punk universe where the card-based gameplay mechanics remove the requirement for tape measures and dice.


“We have taken a wrong turn. We don’t know where or when, or even how, but none-the-less the human race has ended up in the wrong place. This is something we can fix. Not for everybody, but for a new generation. We can give this generation a chance to get things right, and when they do, we can join them. This machine will allow us to send colonies of pioneers to exoplanets beyond our traditional reach. Colonies of young pioneers who will be informed of their lot by carefully selected tutors and shaped by the technology we have chosen to send with them. Let them make decisions based on intelligence and craft, rather than history and politics. Let them find out where we went wrong. Let them guide us to our new future!”

Generations later, humanity on the planet of Sante-Cordillera has progressed far beyond the means for which it was originally equipped and the rudimentary science its population was inadequately taught.

The founding of Hope, one of many frontier towns to spring up as the young civilisation pushed aggressively past its early boundaries, brought with it the discovery of Bloodstone Hearts; gemstones mined from deep below the surface that can be carefully chiselled free so as to retain their semi-viscous core. The regenerative properties of Bloodstone drew, in turn, a rush of pioneers eager to make their millions in Diamond bills. And the influx of new money opened the trade routes, allowing for unprecedented availability of Combined Lithium-Uridium Batteries (CLUBs) and other core materials which form the basis of progressive engineering and invention. The inevitable decline and policing of the mines led to a financial depression and, consequently, a society heavily reliant on Gravedigger’s Spade, the local moonshine.


Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_04 Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_09 Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_08

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Each Bloodstone Frontier Gang Box contains:

4 high-quality, unpainted, resin Character Figures, with appropriate bases

4 double-sided Persona Cards, one for each Character

1 rules card, detailing weapons and rules for the Gang as an easy reference

1 scenario sheet, specific to the Gang in the box

1 cardboard token sheet, containing Gang Stashes and any tokens or other items needed for Character-related or Scenario rules





Wade has been the Sheriff of Hope for as long as most can remember, with his faithful hound, Eccho, at his heels. But his long-running battle with the bottle often leaves Lana – who owes him a debt of service – in charge, much to the agreement of Renan, who is happy to offer his gun and his time to her.

With three Characters packing pistols and a mixture of close combat weapons, and the fourth, Eccho, having a sonic bark that can hit multiple opposing characters with one shot, the Sheriff’s Office is a great mid-range gang with an answer to most problems. Wade, Lana and Renan also have their own unique ways to control the tempo of any fight, be it via prevention, additional actions or a measure of card control.

The Sheriff’s Office Gang has been concepted, modelled, printed and cast. Their rules have been written and tested, and first pass Persona Cards created.


If funding is achieved the Sheriff’s Office Gang will be available to all applicable Pledge levels.

Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_17 Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_18 Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_24 Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_23

Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_22 Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_21 Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_20 Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_19


When her husband disappeared, Monique took over the running of the Songbird Saloon and has taken it from strength to strength with Delphine’s voice being a major draw. She counts Claude, the barman, as her most trusted ally; his rifle has often solved a running problem she wanted targeted. All of them will fiercely protect Amorette, but their reasons for doing so differ greatly.

The Songbird Saloon Characters have a diverse range of weapons and abilities that let them tailor their approach depending on who they’re facing. The range of Claude’s rifle will often encourage opposing gangs to overcommit, allowing Monique and Delphine to sideswipe them while Amorette races in to grab any available Stashes with a level of impunity.

The Songbird Saloon Gang has been concepted and part-modelled, and their rules have been written and tested.


If funding is achieved the Songbird Saloon Gang will be available to all applicable Pledge levels.


Following the cave-in that trapped Ma and Pa in their illicit back route into the mines, the children used their nous and abilities to transfer their parents‘ brain patterns into two of the healthiest pigs on their farm. While their elder brother, Lazlo, continues to invent and experiment, Jarrod and Prudence are often in town, seeking out new assets and equipment that might give them an edge.

The Ol’ Spot Boys are melee-focussed. Ma and Pa use their bulk and aggression when Brawling to keep their opponents on the back-foot; an approach that Jarrod is keen to mimic. While Prudence is more than able to look after herself in a fistfight, she can also often be found calling the shots and controlling her family from a little further back.

The Ol‘ Spot Boys Gang has been concepted and their rules have been written and tested.


If the Stretch Goal target of £15,000 is reached the Ol‘ Spot Boys Gang will be available to all applicable Pledge levels.

„So you’re the Ol‘ Spot Boys?“

„Yessir, tha’s right.“

The old man tilted his hat forward and scratched the back of his head. „But ain’t she a girl?“ he asked, nodding towards the young slip tightening up a screw on the back of the largest pig’s head.

„Yessir, she is. But we had a vote on our name and what with it being two to one an‘ all, this was the name that was fairly chose by us. Tha’s Democracy in action, says I.“

The girl stood up and stretched her back out. „Dimocracy more like,“ she added to the conversation and then knelt back down again.


Elias makes his money on the fringes of the town and society. His scrapyard is kept well stocked by the scavengers he sends out to acquire stock in whatever manner they choose. They are rarely stopped from doing so, as upsetting them is a sure way to prevent yourself from being mechanically patched-up by their master when the need arises. The scavenging Scrappers themselves are already totally reliant on Elias to keep them alive and moving, a fact not lost on the man who controls them.

The multi-weaponed Scrappers have access to most tools they need to be a threat at any range in a fight, although as they lose numbers they become less adaptable. Elias, himself, prefers not to get his hands dirty; sacrificing members of his Gang for his survival, or just to give himself an advantage.

The Scrapyard Magnates have yet to be concepted, their rules have been written.

[no image currently available]

If the Stretch Goal target of £20,000 is reached the Scrapyard Magnates Gang will be available to all applicable Pledge levels.

„Oh, people don’t really die here, mister; we always come back. It’s the Bloodstone in the soil, y’see – once you hit the dirt you’re safe as ‚ouses. “

„What if you lose a limb? Get something important shot off? “

„Oh, old Elias sorts us out, there. He’s always got a way to get you working again, even if you ain’t got any diamonds to pay with. „


A pack of playing cards is vital to Bloodstone Frontier and the poker-sized deck we’ve created is really something special.

Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_31 Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_33 Bloodstone_Frontier_Kickstarter_läuft_32

If funding is achieved the double deck of Bloodstone Frontier playing cards will be available to all applicable Pledge levels.


The Bloodstone Frontier rulebook is packed with all of the following and more:

  • The complete ruleset for playing Bloodstone Frontier, including Single Game, Expedition and Scenario rules
  • Background information and Persona Cards for the first four Bloodstone Frontier Gangs, including all Weapon and Character rules
  • Maps of Hope, with building templates for recreating them
  • Stunning environment and concept artwork

If funding is achieved the rulebook will be available to all applicable Pledge levels. Additionally a set of quick-start rules will be available after the end of the campaign.


Shipping will be charged after the Kickstarter campaign finishes and will be based on the actual costs incurred to ship; payment will be collected via the Pledge Manager System.

We will do our best to keep the shipping costs as low as possible and, while the cost for lighter and/or flatter items will be lower, our rough estimates for a larger package (such as ‚The Whole Caboodle‘) are the following:


Do note, however, that the price to some countries will need to be confirmed on a case by case basis, so please ask if you are unsure.


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