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ArcWorlde:Battle for Troll Bridge Kickstarter

ArcWorlde Battle for Troll Bridge Kickstarter läuft zur Zeit, aber seht selbst was der Kickstarter so bietet.


Stretch Goals:


„News of a Bayourk warband plaguing the Hobbleshire town of Milwood summon a garrisoned Albionnican warband accompanied by the local Halfling Militia. They find the villainous Bayourk tribe taking residence upon the infamous Troll Bridge, spoiling for a fight.

However, on hearing a mighty roar, the local Halflings shake with fear, for they know how the bridge earned it’s name. Old Grogg, the largest River Troll ever seen, emerges from beneath, and he is not happy that his slumber has been disturbed…“


What is Battle for Troll Bridge?

 ‚Battle for Troll Bridge‘ is a four player starter box for the 32mm fantasy Skirmish game ‚ArcWorlde‘.


‚ArcWorlde – Battle for Troll Bridge‘ Starter Box


Box Contents:

Five new Albionnican Empire miniatures – Captain Flynt (Special Character) , a Halberdier Trooper,

two Crossbow Troopers and a Lowlander ( new Albionnican unit). Cast in white metal.


Six new Halfling miniatures – Captain Bullhoof (Special Character), one Spear Militia, one Sword Militia and three Rangers (new Halfling unit). Cast in white metal.


Five new Bayourk miniatures – “Mad-Eye” Muldoon (Special Character), three Boglins and a Brew Boy (new Bayourk unit).

Bayourks cast in fine resin, Boglins cast in white metal.


A new monstrous miniature – Old Grogg the River Troll (Special Character). Cast in fine resin.


10 ArcWorlde Dice and 10 Arcanite Tokens and a 20 page booklet containing start-up rules, background,

stats for the new units and characters, and a number of fun scenarios to play.


With four playable forces, the Battle for Troll Bridge Box Set will be the perfect way to introduce your friends to the wondrous realm of ArcWorlde.

All miniatures are provided unpainted and unassembled.


ArcWorlde_Battle_for_Troll_Bridge_Kickstarter_14 ArcWorlde_Battle_for_Troll_Bridge_Kickstarter_20 ArcWorlde_Battle_for_Troll_Bridge_Kickstarter_19

ArcWorlde_Battle_for_Troll_Bridge_Kickstarter_18 ArcWorlde_Battle_for_Troll_Bridge_Kickstarter_17 ArcWorlde_Battle_for_Troll_Bridge_Kickstarter_16 ArcWorlde_Battle_for_Troll_Bridge_Kickstarter_15


Throughout the campaign, there may be Stretch Goals broken that unlock Add-Ons for your pledge. These will be listed here.

Please note, some Add-Ons may impact the production time of your pledge, but they will be clearly marked.

ArcWorlde_Battle_for_Troll_Bridge_Kickstarter_22 ArcWorlde_Battle_for_Troll_Bridge_Kickstarter_23


Shipping is not included in your pledge and will need to be added after the conclusion of the campaign. I will provide you with full instructions at the end, through the pledge manager.I am still finalising the exact shipping costs but to give you a rough idea here are a couple of preliminary estimates:

● For pledges WITHOUT the box packaging, such as WARBAND, OLD GROGG or SWIFTY GRAB: £3 to the UK, £6 EU and £8 ROW.

● For pledges WITH the box packaging, such as VANGUARD, WARCHEST, TREASURE CHEST or BATTLE CHEST: £5 to the UK, £9 EU and £12 ROW.

These estimates might increase if you add a lot of Add-ons to your core pledge.The final shipping cost is subject to change, and will be based on your location and specific rewards.There will also be an option to pick up your pledges at the Salute 2016 gaming show. I plan on selling the boxes there, so they will be ready to collect. I have put May as a delivery date to take into account the shipping times overseas, but if all goes to plan they will be ready in April. I will try and have all pledges sent off by then, but if not they will be sent very soon afterwards.

Der Kickstarter läuft noch 8 Tage.

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  • Wie können die denn bitte einen Kickstarter machen, ihn „Battle for Troll Bridge“ nennen, und dann such‘ ich da vergeblich die blöde Brücke? Echt mal! 😉

    Sind ganz knuffig, die Minis, aber nichts für mich.

    Keine Brücke, ey…

  • leider mäßig aufgemacht
    das normale Level in Porto hat ca den Preis den man später zahlt – die bundel bekomm ich im shop zu ähnlichen Konditionen
    der Troll weiß aber zu gefallen
    Brücke fehlt mir auch 🙁

  • Die Sachen schauen gut aus und ich hab mir das bei den ersten Ankündigungen dick angestrichen. Aber: Brücke fehlt ganz klar und auch sonst ist es nicht unbedingt ein super Schnäppchen gegenüber evtl. Handelspreis. Da ist m.E. wenig Anreiz für eine KS Beteiligung.

  • Ich glaube ich warte auch auf Troubles in the North das im Mai starten soll. Starterbox brauche ich jetzt nicht unbedingt da ich eh genug Minis vom ersten KS habe.

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