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X-Wing: Heroes of the Aturi Cluster

Das Blog Dockingbay416 hat eine kooperative X-Wing-Kampagen veröffentlicht!


Dockingbay416 is proud to present Heroes of the Aturi Cluster; a fully co-operative, 15-mission campaign for X-wing by Josh Derksen.

Up to 6 Rebel Players, each with their own ship, act as a squadron and battle against an AI-controlled Empire.  Download the updated v0.7 components below:

Hier geht es zum Download!


What’s Inside?

It’s more than a fanmade campaign PDF- It’s practically a boxed-boardgame full conversion for X-wing!

  • 80-page Campaign Book
  • Player Scoresheets
  • Mission Deck
  • Imperial AI Statcards
  • Imperial Pilot Deck
  • New terrain: Minefields, Nebula, and a Modular Space Station

All ready to print, cut and play.


The Campaign Book

This PDF book contains all of the rules for player setup, how the AI works and new campaign special rules. All of the campaign missions have integrated story arcs and also scale with the number of players.
Two versions of this file are available: a print version with bleed areas and crop marks, and a screen version for use on your laptop/tablet while you play.


Player Scoresheets

Players use these to keep track of their abilities, upgrades, missions, kills, and experience earned. As they level up, they can switch to other Rebel ships.


Mission Deck

Missions in the campaign are organized into Story Arcs. The deck of cards is used to track which missions have been played. When a Mission is complete, the next part of its story arc is added to the deck.


Imperial AI Statcards

These statcards are used to operate the AI. Each round, enemy ships select a target, then use their statcard’s maneuver chart to determine a maneuver. They also have logic to determine which action they perform.


Imperial Pilot Deck

Used in conjunction with the AI Statcards, this deck is used to assign upgrades to specific Imperial ships, including abilities for high-level Imperial aces that players will need to defeat as a team.


New Terrain

Some missions in the campaign use new terrain for a more varied gameplay experience. Minefields add an explosive hazard for players to avoid while Nebula Ion Clouds limit attack range and cause the occasional ion damage. The Modular Space Station tiles are used to create a wide variety of bases and space stations, covered with shield generators, docking bays and turbolaser towers.

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