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Halo: Regelbuch einzeln erhältlich

Nur dieses Wochenende habt ihr die Möglichkeit das Regelbuch für Halo einzeln zu erwerben.

Halo Regelbuch

As war rages across the Halo Universe, Fleet Commanders are drafted in to fight history-shaping epic space battles. Halo: Fleet Battles puts you in command of one of these fleets as you join the escalating conflict.

Using stunningly detailed plastic miniatures and an intuitive gaming system, Halo: Fleet Battles provides a stunning backdrop for players to recreate the pivotal moments in the history of Halo:

  • Innovative Dice Mechanics allow for easy to master gameplay

  • A unique Fleet Commander System represents the heroes (and villains!) from the Halo universe

  • Fleets can field massed flights of Bombers and Interceptors that duel in vicious Dogfights

  • Mighty space going vessels armed with Magnetic Accelerator Cannons and powerful Plasma Lances that trade blows across the vast expanse of space

  • Spartans and Zealots face off against each other in vicious boarding actions where nothing short of annihilation will bring victory

  • A flexible Formation System allows YOU to decide the construction of your Fleets

  • And much more…

Ein Buch kostet 15,00 Pfund.

Link: Spartan Games


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