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Forgeworld: Castellax Mit Darkfire Cannon

Forgeworld haben einen neuen Castellax Kriegsautomaten zur Vorbestellung auf ihrer Seite präsentiert.

Castellax1 Castellax5 Castellax2

Castellax3 Castellax4

Three times the height of a man and formidably powerful, the Castellax class Battle-automata is a mainstay of the Legio Cybernetica and many Mechanicum armies. Capable of wielding an array of armaments, in addition to its powerful close combat weapons and boltguns, it can also be equipped with heavier and exotic ranged weaponry.

In battle, the Castellax is animated by an aggressive machine spirit, its armoured endoskeleton making it near impervious during its assault. It is at its most deadly, however, when paired with the arcane and lethal darkfire cannon. Unleashing screaming beams of pure darkness, armour, flesh and stone boil away with their touch, and even the most heavily armoured vehicles can be torn apart by their hellish un-light.

The Castellax Battle-automata with Darkfire Cannon can be taken as part of a Mechanicum or Legiones Astartes army in Horus Heresy games. Its rules can be found in both The Horus Heresy Book 2 – Massacre and The Horus Heresy Book 3 – Extermination.

The Mechanicum Castellax Battle-automata with Darkfire Cannon is a complete multi-part resin kit and includes a choice of bolters or flamers as secondary weapons.

This kit is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 16th January.

Der Castellax kostet 37,00 Pfund.

Quelle: Forgeworld


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