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Mongoose Publishing: Vuldrok Flotte

Mongoose haben eine weitere Flotte zu auslaufen bereit gemacht – die Vuldrok:

The Vuldrok Star-Nation is composed of the fierce warrior peoples of Fingisvold, Frost, Hargard, Raven and Wolf’s Lament, and Vuldrok conquerors have founded colonies on Gwynneth, Leminkainen and Antioch. The title of Star-Nation, however, is something of a misnomer, for the Vuldrok are hardly a united power, and the Vuldrok themselves are not one people. Their worlds are a fusion of many peoples and nations, loosely united by language and culture. Lacking centralised power, the Vuldrok war with each other as much as they raid the rich trade routes of the Known Worlds and Kurgan Caliphate. Their origins are known only dimly, through oral legends, the truth of which is lost in that time of darkness between the Fall of the Second Republic and the rise of the Kurgan Caliphate.

Quelle: Mongoose Publishing


Brückenkopf-Maskottchen, Todesrennen-Rennleiter und Aushilfsbespaßer. Im Zweifelsfall mit irgendeinem Diorama beschäftigt.

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