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Nemesis: Lockdown Kampagne

Awaken Realms planen eine neue Kickstarter-Kampagne für Nemesis.

AR Awaken Realms Nemesis Lockdown 1

Welcome to Nemesis Lockdown draft page! Campaign is not yet live (currently planned for May / June), but you can see here some of the first information and leave your feedback! There will be gradually more and more stuff we will be sharing here, so you can check it out from time to time, but most importantly – click „Notify me on Launch“ if you don’t want to miss the campaign!

Nemesis Lockdown is first standalone expansion to Board Game hit – Nemesis (BGG rating #35 overall, #9 thematic). Lockdown will bring the same cinematic, thematic Sci-Fi horror feel to totally new setting: Base on Mars. It will come with lot of new, fresh ideas and content while keeping some of the core Nemesis mechanics that makes every play an unforgettable story to be told.

Nemesis: Lockdown

I should have known when they asked us to prepare the landing platform. There are only two reasons to make a night sample transfer. It’s either too urgent to wait, or it’s a black op. Both spell trouble.

My survival instinct, honed by twenty years of work in the Sample-Return Receiving Facilities, was screaming, considering the rumours that reached even our remote site.

Maybe if I bailed right there, I wouldn’t be crouching in a dark lab, sweaty palms clutching a scalpel, and this damned soft voice repeating over my head: “Containment Breach, Containment Breach…”

Things only got bleaker when they told us there would be human BSL-5-ET subjects coming. Extra-terrestrial samples and living people don’t usually mix. They SHOULD NEVER mix. Something went really bad out there, and we got caught in it.

When Martinsen and Sovich processed the first sample, I only caught a peek from behind the armored glass. There was one word on the container.


I wasn’t there when the actual breach happened. There were screams over the intercom. The main power went out. Soon, I saw Martinsen and one of the human subjects running to me from the isolation ward elevator, as if the devil himself chased them. I’ve seen it for a split second, before they were caught. I’d rather take my chances with the devil, than with the thing that took them.

Now, it’s been fifteen minutes since I last heard any shots. The pain in my mangled leg subsides. I get up and slowly make my way to one of the security stations. Am I the only one left? No, thank god! Sovich is still kicking. I have her on a live feed from the main terminal. She’s…

Changing the logs! Switching her name for mine. Frigging rat! When the board learns we had a containment breach, there will be hell to pay, and she wants to make sure the bill is on my name.

Now, she turns towards the main console. In the middle of it, under the protective glass, is the A3-5 button, a big chunk of red plastic. They told us it enables the “Code Red Emergency Protocol” but we had no clearance to know what the protocol actually is.

Don’t do it, Sovich. You might just nuke us. Don’t…

Of course she does. She wants to play the good girl, an upstanding citizen.

Well, there’s still time to fix everything. No one will call until morning. We’re on a dark side of the planet now, blocking all signals. I need to get topside, to the secondary console in the other building. Re-write the logs, access the classified procedures, and see what new trouble she got us into.

The only things between me and my salvation is a broken airlock, a long stretch of hellish surface, and enough gamma radiation to hard-boil an egg. I’m betting these things can’t walk outside.

That would be too frigging unfair…

Campaign details

AR Awaken Realms Nemesis Lockdown 2

When? Kickstarter campaign will come in May / June

Stand alone? This means you don’t need core box to play this expansion. It will bring its own new board, together with rooms, items, characters and alien race.

Compatibility with previous things? While expansion is not final, so its hard to say with full confidence, we want to have following compatibility with previous expansions:

Alien speciesyou can use previous ones in Lockdown (Carnomorphs, Intruders, Voidseeders).

Characters – you will be able to use characters from Core Box / Aftermath in Lockdown (but in some form, probably team will have to consist of at least 1-2 Lockdown new characters)

Will I be able to buy Nemesis Core Box at new Kickstarter? No, Nemesis core box is reserved for retail at this moment – it should be available back in retail stores soon!

Will I be able to buy other expansions at new Kickstarter? Yes! You will have access to all previous expansions, including Aftermath expansion!

Language editions? As always, if there will be enough interest / popularity, we will be happy to make them!

Gameplay details

Totally new board: multi-level base

This time, you will be trapped inside laboratory hidden somewhere on Mars.  This construction will have several layers, that you will be able to travel via elevators or stairs.

Each layer will have their own power supply… that can be cut off any second. In this case, obviously elevators might stop working. Interesting way to slow down some of the unwanted life species… or trap your fellow co-worker.

Movement and space management will have a very different feel, even more tense!

AR Awaken Realms Nemesis Lockdown 3

Red Alert

Lockdown will come with whole new mechanic of using “Red Alert” procedure. There will be different orders placed under Red Alert (such us “nuke the station” 😉), but players will never know which order is active one. There will be also no direct way to find out what is the active order or change it – BUT players will be able to find it out through elimination – you will be able to gather knowledge of what orders ARE NOT active.

Obviously, it will always be up to you whether you are going to share your knowledge and tell the truth 😉

Fear of the dark

Having whole energy system for sectors of the board, we will have much stronger importance of the light – or lack of it. Some light will come from the rooms – IF they will have energy, obviously. This will create a lot of extra interaction between players and makes controlling the flow of energy on different levels  and rooms quite important.

There will be also some items that will be source of light, but they will not last too long and require energy (or burn pretty fast). Walking through the darkness might result in few consequences, including using different (less accurate) dice for shooting.

AR Awaken Realms Nemesis Lockdown 4

New rooms and items to discover

Lockdown will come with set of new, freshly designed rooms created to thematically reflect secret base on the surface of Mars. Also, it will bring whole new set of neutral items, character specific items and craftable items.

AR Awaken Realms Nemesis Lockdown 5

New characters and alien race – created with community!

We loved our experience from previous campaign, where we were working with community to create a whole alien race and decide on the professions and look of the crew members. This led us to path of creativity and resulted in amazing ideas being brought into the game!

With Lockdown, we want to follow up on this experience. In this Kickstarter campaign you will not be just buying a game, but taking a part in it too!

Advanced solo mode with companion app

Game will come with high level, non-essential companion app. It will provide a lot of cool gameplay modes, dedicated soundtrack as well as an support for advanced solo mode.

Thanks to the app, there will be totally new depth to solo play, that will include the “traitor” tension (you will never know, if you can trust the app  ).

Stretch Goals?

This campaign will come with some great Stretch Goals (a lot of them will be based on your feedback too!), but we will limit those to quality upgrades and cosmetic SGs (like terrain). Reason for it is pretty simple – we want to keep our gameplay design focus 100% on Lockdown only.

Original Nemesis took many years to design / develop / tests and we know creating a stand-alone expansion to it, bringing so much new stuff will require full focus from our team, to make sure it will meet the bar we set for this project!

Ok! So, those are some of the first details – once again, if you guys don’t want to miss it – make sure to click „Notify me on launch“! We will be gradually adding more and more information as the timeline will be coming sooner

Quelle: Nemesis Lockdown Preview Page


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