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Steamforged: Devil May Cry – The Bloody Palace

Nach Residetn Evil 2 nutzen Steamforged Games die Capcom-Lizenz für einen weiteren Brettspiel-Kickstarter.

Steamforged DMC KS Prev2

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace

Welcome Hunters!

Steamforged Games is delighted today to announce an exciting new partnership with Capcom to bring the genre-defining and action-filled Devil May Cry™ experience to the realm of board games. Building on the success of the award-winning Dark Souls™: The Board Game, the critically acclaimed Resident Evil™ 2: The Board Game, as well as a highly successful campaign for Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game, Steamforged Games will be launching Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace via Kickstarter campaign in Spring (Q2), 2019.

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace is an easy to learn, fast-paced, and dynamic experience where style counts for everything. Take control of one of Devil May Cry™’s iconic demon hunters, Dante, Nero, Trish, or even the newest addition to the series, the mysterious V. Players will be trying to outscore each other by building the most impressive attack combos and achieving the highest style rank. Featuring all of the adrenalin-fueled intensity that fans new and old will remember, we couldn’t be more thrilled for players around the world to experience our next video game adaptation for the tabletop!

“As a long-time fan of Devil May Cry™ and given my background, I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of the team working on this board game.” Says Mat Hart, Steamforged Games’ Creative Director. “From the beautiful sculpts through to the subtle yet dramatic depth of gameplay, we’ve captured the very theme and essence of all that is awesome about Devil May Cry™.

“We are delighted to be working with the folk at Steamforged Games to bring the demons of Devil May Cry to life on players tabletops” commented Brian Ayers, Senior Brand Manager, Capcom. “Following the recent success of the latest title in the series Devil May Cry™ 5, we believe that the brand is stronger than ever and can’t wait to see players enjoyment on playing the upcoming board game release next year”

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace will be coming to Kickstarter with a downloadable rulebook as well as playthrough videos from lead designer James Hewitt and our development team, so you can dive straight into the gameplay, and then get even more excited as we reveal game mechanics for the demon hunters, enemies, bosses, and more!

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Steamforged DMC KS Prev

Mittlerweile sind bereits einige weitere Info-Artikel erschienen welche einige Mechaniken vorstellen.

Welcome Hunters!

This is the first in a series of articles which will take sneak peeks at the game mechanics, miniatures, and other content in the upcoming Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace Kickstarter. But before we get started, we’d like to take a quick second to talk about something which we’re all incredibly excited about here at Steamforged Games.

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace will change the way we bring games to Kickstarter. From the very first day of the campaign you’ll have access to a downloadable rulebook; you’ll be able to read through the rules and learn how the game works, and our development team will be able to talk about the game mechanics with you during the campaign on a level which we usually only have in post-Kickstarter updates. This is beyond anything we’ve done previously, and our team are very much looking forward to the experience!

Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace is coming to Kickstarter in Spring (Q2), 2019. If you want to know the second the campaign kicks off, click here to be added to our newsletter, so that we can send you a reminder and a link as soon as it goes live!

Ready to go? Let’s kick things off by starting with a brief gameplay overview.

Steamforged DMC KS Prev3

The game board is based on the Bloody Palace from Devil May Cry™ 5. Each player will have their own style marker to keep track of their score which sits on a style track around the edges of the game board. Will you make it all the way up to the coveted Smoking Sexy Style triple S rank?

Players take turns moving their character and bringing the fight to the demons. Each hunter has their own unique deck of cards representing the different attack moves they can use. A player might play cards to have their character slash with their sword, shoot with their pistol, or deliver another type of attack. These cards can be linked together into a combo chain, allowing players to create devastatingly stylish flurries of attacks. But beware… being damaged by an enemy attack removes a combo chain entirely, forcing the hunter to start all over again!

Steamforged DMC KS Prev4

A game plays out across four stages, each represented by a wave of enemies. A deck of Bloody Palace cards determines what enemies you’ll face in each stage. Each stage starts when the card is revealed and ends when there are no enemies left on the board. In the fourth stage you’ll face a terrifying boss—bring this dangerous adversary down and the game ends… and the player with the most style points is declared the winner!

Steamforged DMC KS Prev5

That’s all for today, but don’t worry if you’re excited to hear more. In the runup to the Kickstarter, we’re going to release new articles introducing more concepts and looking at elements of the game. Join us again on Friday for our first look at how the hunters work in more detail.

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Hunters – The Basics

Let’s jump right in with an example hunter to help demonstrate how a hunter board looks, and how players can make attacks and awesome combos. And who better to start with than… you guessed it, a character we’re sure needs no introduction at all, Dante!

Steamforged DMC KS Prev6

When playing a game of Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace each player has a hunter board which help them keep track of where their cards are, and how long their current combo chain is. Here’s an example of Dante’s hunter board below:

Steamforged DMC KS Prev7

In the top left we can see Dante’s reference card, which shows his vitality and movement speed. There’s a quick reminder of the options you have during your turn in the top right. In the middle there’s a space for your discarded cards on the left and a spot for your deck to sit just next to it. Next to that there is a little indicator of how many points you score for your combo chains. Finally, at the bottom of the hunter board is where your basic attack cards will sit. These are cards which are always available to you, and they’re used to start off new combo chains.

During the Hunter Phase, each player takes a turn with their character and attacks enemies, sets up for their next turn of kills, or tries to escape if they’re low on health. At the start of their turn, a player has a hand of five cards to choose from, as well as any basic attack cards that are available on their hunter board. When making attacks, players should be looking to do two things—make as long a combo as long as possible, and kill as many demons as they can… all while clearly being the most stylish hunter in the room!

Steamforged DMC KS Prev8

So, let’s say there’s an Empusa demon stood right in front of Dante… and Dante has decided this Empusa needs to die. He starts off his combo by playing one of his basic attacks, named Rebellion Swing. The card is placed on the right of our hunter board to show Dante has started a new combo chain, and the Empusa suffers 1 damage.

Dante can then play Rebellion Cut Right from his hand of cards, because when the card is placed next to Rebellion Swing, the blue combo links match up. It looks like the poor Empusa takes another 2 damage.

But Dante’s not done yet. Finally, he decides to finish the demon off with Million Stab, adding the card at the end of his combo chain (again, notice how the blue combo links match up). The Empusa takes 3 more damage and is killed!

Steamforged DMC KS Prev9

It’s almost the end of Dante’s turn now the attack is over, but he still has a couple more actions to make. Firstly, it’s time to claim style points for the combo Dante just unleashed, based on how long the chain is and any particularly slick attacks which were used. As we can see on our hunter board, a three-card combo scores 1 point, which is then doubled to 2 points because the Million Stab card states to double the score. When the combo is claimed, Rebellion Swing returns to the bottom of our hunter board and the other two cards are discarded.

In this case, because Dante played Million Stab, he had to claim the combo, but normally claiming a combo is a choice. And the longer a combo is when it gets claimed, the more style points the player will score. But be wary. Long combo chains can score a tonne of points, but if your character suffers any damage from enemy attacks, you’ll have to discard the whole chain and start over!

The final remaining action for Dante is to make a run. Dante’s card lists a SPEED of 5, meaning he can move up to 5 hexes. Running is important, as it allows Dante to take a position ready to attack again next turn, or escape if he’s sustained too much damage. A run can be used anytime during a hunter’s turn, so players will have to learn for themselves when is best to use it, and how to read the playing area, so their rivals can’t easily deny them kills…

Readers with a keen eye will notice there are a few other symbols on Dante’s cards that we haven’t explained yet… but don’t worry about them for the time being. Today’s blog has taught you the basic elements, and we’ll return to cover the advanced attack rules in a future article.

After the Hunter Phase and every player has activated their characters, any enemies on the board will try to move and attack the hunters, in the Enemy Phase… but that’s for next time. Join us again on Monday for another exciting update for Devil May Cry™: The Bloody Palace!

*All game content subject to licensor approval*

*Capcom, the Capcom logo and Devil May Cry, are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Capcom Co., Ltd., in the U.S. or other countries.*

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  • Ich sehe das total kritisch. Die haben mir zu viele Kickstarter-Projekte offen. Außerdem fand ich die Qualität der Resident Evil 2 Komponenten wirklich schlecht (dünne Karten, viel zu dunkle Tiles, unterdurchschnittliche Miniaturenqulität etc).
    Und den Dark Souls Kickstarter haben sie immer noch nicht abgeschlossen (zu wsenig Geld gehabt für die Finanzierung der versprochenen Strechtgoals?). Von mir werden Sie dieses Mal kein Geld sehen.

    Ich habe irgendwie das Gefühl, dass sie Geld brauchen, um die alten KS-Projekte zu finanzieren. Würde mich nicht wundern, wenn irgendwann die Blase platzt.

    • Nach den Kommentaren habe ich gerade auch mal bei Kickstarter vorbei gesehen. Insgesamt gibt’s vom SFG fünf Projekte, im Zeitraum von Mai 2016 (Dark Souls) bis September 2018 (Horizon Zero Dawn). Demnach sollte Dark Souls bis April 2017, Resident Evil bis September 2018 und Godtear sollte eigentlich diesen Monat ausgeliefert werden. Bei Dark Souls wurden schon Teile ausgeliefert, aber die Auslieferung ist meines Wissens noch nicht ganz abgeschlossen, die Welle 3 und 4 laufen. Gute dei Jahre Verzögerung bei Dark Souls, und die anderen sind noch nicht angelaufen! Wann soll dann Devil May Cry ausgeliefert werden, 2025?

    • „… fand ich die Qualität der Resident Evil 2 Komponenten wirklich schlecht (dünne Karten, viel zu dunkle Tiles, unterdurchschnittliche Miniaturenqulität etc).“

      Die Minis fand ich auch überraschend langweilig und technisch nicht auf der Höhe der Zeit.

      CMON kann man in Sachen Kickstarter vieles vorwerfen, aber bei deren Projekten hat sich die Miniaturen-Qualität von Kampagne zu Kampagne gesteigert. Kürzlich durfte ich einen Blick in die „Rage“-Box werfen und die Modelle sind ein Traum und gefühlt Welten von den Resident-Evil-Minis entfernt.

    • Mit Guild Ball hatten sie einen guten start,
      schade das sie unbedingt noch so viel weitere Systeme/Spiele raus bringen ;(

  • Ich unterstütze da gar nichts mehr.
    Ich hab den DS KS supported, hab das Basisspiel, irgendwann trudelte mal ein Addon rein, das unspielbar ist, weil die Tiles dafür fehlen und das wars.
    Anfragen werden mittlerweile ignoriert, was anderen Backern auch so geht und nebenbei machen sie ein Projekt nach dem Anderen.
    Das ist eine reine Farce und Abzocke.

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