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FW: Blood Bowl Starspieler und Hobbit Höhle

Für Blood Bowl kommt ein neuer Starspieler, Willow Rosebark und ein Upgrade Set für Hobbit Höhlen.

Forge World Blood Bowl Willow Rosebark 1 Forge World Blood Bowl Willow Rosebark 2 Forge World Blood Bowl Willow Rosebark 3 Forge World Blood Bowl Willow Rosebark 4

Willow Rosebark – 24,00 Euro

Nobody is quite certain why this especially mysterious and mercurial Dryad started playing Blood Bowl. She often appears unbidden before a match to lend her deadly talents and, well, she’s quite scary so it’s unwise to refuse. Willow has a penchant for spectacular displays of violence, which naturally makes her a firm favourite in the hearts of many Blood Bowl fans.

Willow Rosebark excels as a Blocker on Wood Elf teams, where her skills make her surprisingly resilient in a team that’s generally not famous for it. Faster than a treeman, she adds flexibility to a Wood Elf or Halfling line-up, bringing some much-needed strength that can be where it’s needed to turn the tide of a match.

This finely-detailed resin model is supplied with 2 separate Spites which can be used to decorate her 32mm round base. Willow Rosebark is available to play for Wood Elf, Amazon and Halfling teams. You can find all the rules you need to use her in your games of Blood Bowl in the 6th issue of Spike! Journal.

Forge World Herr Der Ringe Hobbit Hole Upgrade Set 1 Forge World Herr Der Ringe Hobbit Hole Upgrade Set 2 Forge World Herr Der Ringe Hobbit Hole Upgrade Set 3 Forge World Herr Der Ringe Hobbit Hole Upgrade Set 4

Forge World Herr Der Ringe Hobbit Hole Upgrade Set 5 Forge World Herr Der Ringe Hobbit Hole Upgrade Set 6

Hobbit-hole Upgrade Set – 27,00 Euro

„In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit…“

Some call these homes “smials”, but most folks in Middle-earth simply call them Hobbit-holes. They’re small, as are the inhabitants, and likewise full of good food and drink. Hobbits love the comforts in life, and their hearths rarely run cold, nor their larders empty. During the period known as the Scouring of the Shire, however, these peaceful sanctuaries became the backdrop of cruel war and destruction.

Build your very own Hobbit-hole with a unique terrain kit. Apply these finely detailed resin pieces to your own foam hill to create a lovely home to protect – or destroy. You’ll find a double-sided front piece, both sides featuring a round door and window, as well as 2 different chimney stacks and 2 windows to hint at the contents and size of the interior space.

Each kit is supplied in 5 pieces, along with a copy of the How to Build a Hobbit-hole article, reproduced from the Scouring of the Shire book. You can also download a free pdf of this guide in the downloads tab.

Note: To create some of the Hobbit-hole examples shown in the images above, you will need to combine this upgrade kit with other materials such as hardened foam that are readily available in most craft or hobby stores.

Quelle: Forge World


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