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Blotz: Victorian Sci-Fi Flugschiffe

Botz erweitert das Sortiment der Flugschiffe für Steampunk & Victorian Sci-Fi.

Blotz Victorian Sci Fi Flugschiffe Blotz Victorian Sci Fi Flugschiffe2 Blotz Victorian Sci Fi Flugschiffe3 Blotz Victorian Sci Fi Flugschiffe4 Blotz Victorian Sci Fi Flugschiffe5 Blotz Victorian Sci Fi Flugschiffe6

Victorian Sci-Fi Flugschiffe

This morning sees the launch of some more kits in our 28mm Victorian Sci-fi range from the talented hands of Nathan White.

The Oriental navy gets a new runabout in the form of the Shako Rocket Tosen (£13.50), which goes with its big brother – The Onaga Rocket Kohaya (£26.50).

Meanwhile the forces of Antarctica get some well needed re-enforcement from Prof. Mortons Antarctic Flyer (£25) and the smaller Antarctic Cargo Courier (£20).

To help beef-up their firepower – any of the naval contingents can now add a Deck Gun (£4.50) to their list of armaments.

All are now available on the Blotz website in our Victorian Sci-fi section: https://blotz.co.uk/index.php…

Quelle: Blotz FB

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